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World Peace Day

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate World Peace Day than watching the Independence Day parade. San Pedro people with their decked out golf carts and decorated selves, parading through town is surely going to send out some big happy energy to the planet.

Staring to upload a few parade pics but Wet Willy’s is calling, Carole and Dick will be here any minute to get us.

What a great night, got to Wet Willy’s and Herb was there, Gino and Jim were on break but soon as they got back to playing a boat load full of fun people from Houston turned up. They were putting on a great floor show dancing and we all had lots of fun.

Afterwards we headed to the park to see what was left of the independence day party. Decided that we wanted to go for Homer Simpson burgers at our favorite cart across and down from tropic cargo. After we got our burgers and snacks from local shop, we headed to the basketball court bleachers to chat and eat. Made us feel like we were in high school again and I think we have discovered the fountain of youth living here in San Pedro.


Hannah – photo by Carole Goudreau

Pre parade – photo by Carole Goudreau

Waiting for the parade

Here it comes

Dashed over from front street to catch the start

Miss San Pedro

Decorated carts

Twirling girls

Animals on float

Middle street

Red white and blue

Banner girls


Aerial shot

View from Pan Dulce

Upstairs at Pan Dulce

Ramones had a pool on their float

Everyone loves a good parade

Happy World peace day

Blue Tang Cart

Strong kids



Lots of people

Fi All Ah We

Guerrero’s house

Happy Independence day

Decorated carts everywhere

Flags flying

Holy Cross cart

Lots of action on front street

Decorated carts as far as you can see

Party in the park

Town Coincil

Lots going on

Colorful cart

Zippy watching the parade


Colorful float

Best dressed for Independence day 2007

Ambergris Today float

Great costumes

Color explosion

Town is taken over by happy paraders on gold carts

Decorated cart

Lots of color

Feels like whole town was there

Long line of carts

Happy Independence / World Peace Day

Zippy buying a flag

Front Street was packed

Traffic heading to Island perk

Island perk was very busy

Central Park

Happy Parade girl


Me -Tacogirl

One of my buddies from Holy Cross

After party by Milo’s

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