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Pedro’s Pizza – Stuff Swap 4

Stuff Swap tonight at Pedro’s Pizza. It will be good to get out and see our friends. It rained a lot today so I took the time to watch a couple of movies so I can put them in the swap.

17 people came out for the swap tonight which is pretty good considering it rained all day and is pretty muddy out there.

Met Reaper in the parking lot when I was walking Hannah out, he totally surprised me I did not know he was in town.

I got a new laundry bucket, a pair of swim fins and a great magazine. Score.

Lara was wearing the coolest striped wellington boots but somehow the picture disappeared.

Carole had some really nice clothing, somehow it will will find the Cinderella and make her very happy, at the end all stuff goes to the kitchen crew to be given out to who ever wants/ needs it.

Pedro’s Pizza

Walter finds a much needed wallet

Lara doing name pick for door prizes

Stuff swappers

Found some more

Happy Stuff swapper

Sidewalk is now cobblestoned – mud puddle manicure


Dog walked us part way home

2 thoughts on “Pedro’s Pizza – Stuff Swap 4

  1. Anonymous says:

    cute… mud puddle manicure.. but it’s really pedicure when it’s the feet… 🙂
    To think, people pay big bucks for mud baths and you have them for free

  2. Cindy the Conquerer says:

    I left Pedro’s Inn, had a quick drink at Fidos and came home. I found Lara and her super Wellington boots at my house – so if you need a pic, I have one! She is in flasher mac, wellies and leopard skin print handbag – a rainy season pro!

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