San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Busy Busy Day

What a busy day out at 8 am to photograph the school parade then back home to do blogs which I only managed to get a pic up on each one due to slow internet. Now we are putting on swimsuits and packing the cooler for a boat ride with Dick and Carole and maybe Paul and Cindy.

One of my gold star moments today – saw first dolphins today, did not get a good pic but running down the beach excitedly with a few Holy Cross kids is one for the memory-bank and a huge reminder of why we are here.

More to come…

I managed to get a couple of pictures up before the internet decided that was it. I always upload Last to first to give you an idea of where we are at in the day right now. After boating we stopped at Dick and Carole’s to make a drop off then we all piled in and headed off down Sesame Street to go buy a big box of shrimp from Belikin. Along the way we were hashing out shopping lists and decided to stop at big tree, which was a well timed move on our part as a few of our crew were walking by and got on the bbq plans.

Off we go to Crystal water to get our shrimp, then a quick stop and Paul and Cindy’s and here I am. Since I cannot upload pics at the moment I am going to take a well earned couch potato moment that is if I can squeeze one in after getting ready.

Meeting Carole and Dick

Loading up the Miss Carole

We are off

Dick and Paul

Picking up Paul and Cindy

Play time



Carole and Dick

Miss Carole enjoying a cocktail

Belikin boy

Snack time

Carole and Cindy

Dick and Carole

Got my parasol for shade

Hoisting the anchor

No big catch today

Loaded up cart

Tying off the boat

Heave ho

Back to Dick and Carole’s for a pit stop

Stacy and friend from Cali


Crystal distribution

Music and bbq

First course – more shrimp to come

Ending the night with a bang from our veranda

3 thoughts on “Busy Busy Day

  1. 742RPD says:

    Hey there Taco Girl. Kate and I had a great time a few weeks ago with Shannon visiting Belize and meeting you. we’re looking forward to coming down again.
    Say hi to John Paul for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dick is my big brother and I love to see pics of him and Carole having the time of thier lives.
    thank you

    We hope to meet you soon,
    Jan and Brent Morgan

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