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Who Makes the Best Johnny Cakes and El Fogon Restaurant Review


After an early morning trip to the store for brown sugar,  I just reconfirmed something, I like ham Johny cakes much better than chicken, which is now almost off my list. Of course hands down the winner is  bacon and egg johnny cakes from Ruby’s cafe. Those set off my craving meter so much so that I will usually order 2 and make sure I get my fill even though one is usually enough.You have to get there early for those [usually before 8:00am] or you will be SOL 🙂

El Fogon another great place in town to put on your lunchtime Ambergris Caye restaurants to do list for authentically delicious local food, this place is consistently good has stood the test of time. They cook all kinds of delicious Belizean recipes over an open fire. Hence the name fogon meaning hearth, which is used in old fashioned country fire-wood cooking. I have had their conch fritters, pork, stewed beef, stewed chicken, fried chicken,  fish and fresh made lime juice. Susanna Eiley is not only a great chef, she is very charity minded and works on a special project close to her heart, Mama Vilma’s Family Home – A family home to support the physical, social and emotional needs of disenfranchised families and children in our community. So when you stop by and enjoy lunch, don’t forget to make a donation to Mama Vilma’s.

I will leave you with a great El Fogon historical restaurant  review from 2006 by Ambergris today, found on ambergriscaye.com.

belize airports

El Fogon located near Tropic Air

belize food

EL Fogon has great local food

ambergris caye restaurants

David Mary and I went for fresh made lime juice

belize cooking

Food cooking on an open fire

belize food


  1. tacogirl October 14, 2012

    They are so good Charlotte you would be instantly hooked.

  2. Charlotte October 14, 2012

    Bacon and egg Johnny cakes?? I’m so there!

  3. Emily October 13, 2012

    Thanks — that doesn’t sound too hard to find. Will have to try lunch there one of these days!

  4. tacogirl October 13, 2012

    It is on the first side street north, west of Tropic Air baggage pick up area. I am sure you would both love it Emily. I am going to see if they do dry fry as that is Doug’s fav way to eat fish and I am sure Leisa would like it there too. Finally got him to Robbins Kitchen the other day the coconut curry fish was outstanding.

  5. Emily October 13, 2012

    I can’t believe we have been here over a year, and I still don’t know exactly where El Fogon is. Being a “norther”, there are still a lot of places we haven’t stumbled upon, surprisingly! Have heard many good things about it, though.


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