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Changing Directions

This is dedicated to a few nameless people who are questioning their direction and anyone who sometimes feel like they are running in glue.

I had to meet Cheryl at Banana Beach Resort and hand over the check to Mama Vilma’s Family Home from Cowboy’s pool bar and grill for the Karen Waldrup lounge chair fundraiser. Not wanting to be on Belize time I knew I would ride my bike, I decided to go on my fav back road and hope for the best. I had already surrendered to the fact that in pretty much any direction I went in I was going to have to travel through massive puddles.

My best heading in that direction turned out to be getting away with a right foot soaker. I knew I was going in a potentially not-so-good direction but I did it anyway and I was glad to get off easy. I took the same road by foot a few times recently, ended up with two major soakers yesterday, and on my @ss due to a slippery board laid down to help people cross the puddle the day before.

On my way home I stood in the parking lot beside my bike for a second to think about riding home. I decided rather than potentially forgo the same wet fate, I was going to try another direction and see what happened. My top 2 choices were Los Caminantes road followed by the Mansions road, I decided closer was better.

When I got down the road and rounded the corner by Ambergris Lake Villas,  I was faced with mud and moguls – ugh.

As I was riding along I got thinking about switching from puddles to potholes, and how sometimes the new direction we choose may be bumpy for a bit but gets easier along the way if you let it.

It also came as a good reminder that we can change direction at any time and sometimes we hold ourselves back from better possibilities by cutting our options short or being closed off to a better direction even though it is staring you in the face. I know one thing is for sure whatever direction you are headed if you are not smiling while you are traveling,  it is definitely time for a change.

I will leave you with the following video Dr. Al just emailed me with this one line –  “watch the dog 🙂 “
It totally got me to crack a big smile while I was watching it.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Hippo Singer Dancing Dog.

Eileen’s exercise class and the people in it as well as this afternoon’s taco cam view also made me smile.

Webcam courtesy of Storm Chasing Adventure tours

resort cam

For more Mama Vilma’s fundraiser pictures you can check out –  Karen Waldrup plays the pool bar and grill on Grand Caribe resort blog.

4 thoughts on “Changing Directions

  1. Alan Slater says:

    Totally cracked me up, Laurie…….and to think that this same Dr. Al is a connoisseur of fine wines !!!!! Whodathunkit? By the way, I came across a photography discussion and help web page. It is free……try Found quite a few helpful tips.
    Alan S.

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