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Where’s the Beef?

Pool was great this morning Monel brought portable speakers and a music player – we were moving and grooving all class. He even had the rainbow connection by Kermit the frog on his playlist which came on at a perfect time as we were doing long sweeping our leg across both sides stretches.

Attention all beef lovers – you can now get your fix Friday nights at The Hummingbird Cafe. They are serving up grain fed beef from Gallon Jug with sides a la cart. Our excitement has been mounting all afternoon. Usually, we go to Mexico to get our fill of steak – so to be able enjoy grain fed steak from mainland Belize right here in San Pedro is a real treat.

We started sharing a shrimp ceviche then had escabeche soup which I had never tried before but found quite tasty – followed with cesar salad. For our main course we both ordered 8 oz steaks Paul had pasta with his and I went for baked potato – we shared a side of asparagus with hollandaise sauce.

I knew as soon as I stuck my fork in it that we were in for a spectacular steakgasm ha ha and I was not disappointed. Paul having grown up on a farm and knows what fresh beef tastes like gave his seal of approval so much so that he tried the “hey what’s that over there” line when I was down to my last bit. I was onto him though I stuck my fork in before turning to look.   I did end up sharing though and he was not about to pass that offer up. Our waitress Rachel was really nice and took good care of us from start to finish.

226 -2754 to make a reservation – I think once word gets out on this you will likely need one.

hummingbird cafe

Outside seating great for people watching and smokers

shrimp ceviche

Shrimp ceviche

gallon jug beef belize

Doug played guitar and sang

gallon jug beef

Jean and Doug

belize beef

Paul and I

belize beef gallon jug

Double Yum

belize beef hummingbird cafe ambergris caye

Playa boys came out for steak too.

key lime pie hummingbird cafe san pedro

We were full but shared kelime pie anyways.

2 thoughts on “Where’s the Beef?

  1. tacogirl says:

    What we had was fillet. Hummingbird Cafe will will carry Fillets 8oz and 12oz and NY Strip (hopefully 8oz and 12oz). Depends on what arrives and when…as is often the case here in Belize. The Ribeye cut is not an American style cut so they won’t have it until they can get the cut correct. The price is 65.00 for 8oz and 80.00 for a 12oz filets and Strips will be 60.00 for a 8oz and 75.00 for the 12oz. Both come with pasta or potato. Sauce on pasta varies – marinara, the garlic/butter, alfredo and potato style will vary – baked…twice baked….garlic mashed but the steaks will stay the same.

    Hummingbird will also be starting Happy Hour from 4-6 at the cafe on Friday’s with live music. Happy Hour drinks 2 for 1 and appetizer specials. Then dinner starting at 6:00 to 10:00. For dinner you would to well to make a reservation in advance.

  2. william says:

    Mmmmm….grain fed beef. Why is the price points and what cuts do they sell at Hummingbird? Looking forward to a well marbled rib eye

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