Date Night Surprise

I decided to be creative this week and plan a special date night surprise for Paul.

My plan was to put him in a cab – blind fold him – have the cab driver head south to throw him off – loop around the back roads and swing back up to Pedro’s. I even sent out an e-vite for everyone to join us for double date night to play games and hang out. Sounds like a simple enough plan right?

Not totally the case. Paul agreed to stop work at 5 pm but when the time came, he was dragging his feet because he figured since we were doing our date night at home and he could get a bit extra done first. I told him he had to hurry up and get showered after which he proceeded to take what seemed like the longest shower ever.

He was starting to suspect something was up and asked if he should be wearing house cloths or good cloths. I told him to dress for going out which started a whole bunch more questioning that I evaded and ignored.

I went back out side – Cindy had called Carlos and explained the plan (my phone is biting the biscuit) and he was waiting with his family.

Finally got Paul in the cab – Carlos his wife and I were all laughing when I proceeded to blindfold Paul and we were off like a herd of turtles heading south. Carlos turned at Marina’s drove back to the Sausage factory area, made a right heading towards Dick and Carole’s direction, back up to Crystal water plant, made a right then a left to take the back road to Pedro’s. When we got to the cross road where Amal hardware store is, and Paul pipes up and says, “I think I know where we are going.” Carlos did not skip a beat he turned left heading to the pool with a big grin and Paul was not so sure anymore. He looped around and got on the road that goes behind Pedro’s.

We arrived and Paul was eager to take his blindfold off and see where we landed. We got our bags went inside to order a drink and get our room key. We checked out our room and saw that Cindy had given us the romance package with our towels all done up fancy and flowers tucked in the fold. Paul thought it was pretty funny that I booked us in for a date night at Pedro’s Hotel.

Back to the bar to hang out. Paul and I started off with some Wii bowling followed by Memory and Jenga. Pedro got in on Jenga and poker dice with me for a bit, then Alex who happened to be picking up pizza, joined us for a quick game of Yahtzee. Walter and Paul took over with more Jenga and soon everyone was all gamed out.

Paul was not the only one who got a surprise. After seeing the e-vite – Pedro decided to get a musician – James (Barefoot Skinny’s friend) was in town and so he got him to play. What a great time – James was very entertaining – cracking jokes and got everyone involved in the show. He also invited people come up and sing – it was not long before Walter and Mitch were up dancing.

A couple of Shout outs – Happy Anniversary to Alex and Jen. Big Happy Birthday to Ruthie and Shay (sp?). Ruthie the pic of James below holding up his glass is for you – we asked him to do a special Happy Birthday toast in your honor as he had just finished doing a birthday cheers to Shay.


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  1. mysteryboy says:

    What fun………….date night at Pedro’s, whodathiunk?

    Got the feed working, TG. And will reply to your email over the weekend.

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