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Living in Belize

Moving fast


Everything is moving so fast especially us.

This morning we were given notice to move. It was not really a big surprise as the house is up for sale and they hope to sell it quicker by having it empty. I have always had good house karma so after hearing the news we started to put the word out to everyone we are looking for a place. I took a short lay down and focused on us getting the perfect place – I though to myself  I am ready to let this place go and have something better come in.

Was not long before Pedro called and said he was bringing his cart over – we were to drop him back off and go see a place on the lagoon. Soon as I heard that I knew this was the one and sure enough it was. Wonderful 2 bedroom apartment – pool – sunset views – nice owners – Cindy and Mitch are also moving in same building as well.

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  1. tacogirl May 24, 2009

    Thanks Michele – we are glad it happened so fast too especially with all that is coming up. You will get to see our new digs when you come.

  2. Michele in Playa May 24, 2009

    So glad to hear you all found a new home so fast!!


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