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Wondering What to do in Belize?


Wondering what to do in belize?

Whether you are on vacation or live here, having fun and getting fit are 2 great options and there are no shortage of places to do them either.

A bit of fun first

Although I did not attend any of the evening Carnival Celebrations I have been enjoying catching bits and pieces of the early festivities while running errands. Below is a fun picture I snapped the other day when I picked up my bread maker from Pelican Properties. I also got to see the Comparsa dancers that night. I missed the party last night due to work but you can catch some pics and some funny commentary on Reset and Restore Belize blog sometime soon.

belize people
Happily painted girls

Getting Fit

Rose’s Pilates class at Zen Arcade makes getting fit fun, especially when you know a number of the other ready willing victims ;). Her class is a unique blend of pleasure, pain, heckling and laughter.

Even though she torments us with a smile on her face, we all know she still loves us and wants us to love ourselves and feel fabulous with long lean muscles, good posture and sexy bodies. Valentines day after much fun and torture, Rose even surprised us with Brownies for doing such a good job.

Last class she had us shake our ‘bingo wings’ for 1 full minute to applaud her class. Then she made us appreciate ourselves with hugs and lastly she appreciated us with spa time and a lovely, cool, white eucalyptus scented wash clothes. 🙂

what to do in Belize
Belize Activities on Saturdays
things to do in belize
On Saturdays we do cards and lots of dancing
things to do in belize
Sometimes we use balls for exercises
things to do in belize
Fresh eucalyptus scented wash cloth
things to do in belize
Last class we got an extra special treat for Valentines
belize sailing school
Andy talking to Rose after class about the Belize Sailing School training with her
to do in belize
Swimming pool view from treetop exercise studio
living in belize
Driving away on the back of Cindy and Andy’s golf cart

I will leave you with a couple of nice beach shots and my new favorite Sunday meal from Amber Beach Bar and Restaurant at Caribbean Villas Hotel.

belize beach
Water like glass
belize beach
Enjoying a walk with Dennis and a colorful day
food in belize
Cashew shrimp pesto sliders and a side of bacon mac and cheese

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