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Tiburon Rum + White = a Night of Flavorful Fun

Many of you have heard me talk about the “new San Pedro math” before. Last night’s party was a perfect example of that …..

Tiburon Rum + White = a Night of Flavorful Fun

I am still an alcohol virgin so I was very happy that Basil said I could bring 2 plus 1’s to the event as my taste testers. I knew both professional photographer, Karen Brodie, and fellow blogger, Kendall Beymer would be ready and willing to share their rum party review and a picture with you. I will share my thoughts on the event and more about Tiburon later in this post.

Karen Brodie Photography Tiburon Rum Review

The rum was delightfully flavorful, refined and robust. Warning: it has as much bite as a great white, especially if you are a cheap drunk.

A great time was had by all. How often do you get to hang out with a real pirate? It was exciting to meet Captain Jack Sparrow but I could have sworn I was meeting Keith Richards at first.

tacogirl belize
tacogirl, Jack, and Kendall by Karen Brodie Photography

Kendal Beymer Reset and Restore Belize Blog Tiburon Rum review

So, tacogirl doesn’t drink and this has created a very fortunate situation for me…free rum!!  After the kind invitation to attend as taco’s taste tester for the evening I – you know what – this isn’t my blog so I’m gonna leave out all the story based poo that really has no consequence to my assigned duty: taste the rum.

Rum is likely my favorite liquor; largely because I seem to metabolize it so quickly it leaves me feeling like a million bucks (off track again…) When I think of rum I think of that quick nose curling hit with an unfriendly harsh finish; largely created by a bad experience in Grenada with a bottle of rum to strong to be imported into the states. I am VERY HAPPY to say that after a couple shots of Tiburon I can report this doesn’t happen.

I’m not good at acknowledging ‘hints of this’ and ‘touches of that’. What I can say, is that there was a bit of sweet, vanilla maybe, but not too much at all.

The part that left me saying “wow” was the finish. I’ve heard “smooth” all my life and thought “yeah, that was smooth like I swallowed a damn cheese grater”. Tiburon…no idea how…but it was smooth. Normally I wouldn’t have had a second, but I had to simply because I didn’t believe the first experience was real!  It went down like a warm tea; not thick and syrup, but quick, soothing, and actually SMOOTH.

All this talk of rum…try to go indulge in one of the many free Travellers samples provided. And possibly some lunch. Likely in reverse order though.

belize chocolate company
Treat tables by Kendall Beymer

The Tiburon Rum party was like a really good scene in a favorite movie

For me it night started out as an adventure from the get-go. Somehow my cab driver had managed to catch my dyslexia through the phone and went to pick me up at the Phoenix Resort where I was meant to be getting dropped off. After getting my text that I was waiting at the corner, Saul called to explain where he was and apologized for the mix-up – we agreed to meet on the way to town as I preferred to be walking than waiting. He found me just past Banyan Bay and after a short delay supposedly to San Pablo which really turned out to be DFC, I was finally on my way to the party town.

I was glad I had arranged to change at Kendall’s to keep my white dress white as long as possible and luckily the dusty roads did not affect my morning pedicure from CG Esthetic. I got to the Phoenix with minutes to spare and as I walked to Kendall’s door, I saw the party already in action in the courtyard area outside of Red Ginger Restaurant. I had time to quickly switch to my party dress before my other taste tester Karen turned up.

What’s a good movie party scene without a little rain to mix it up? No one was fazed by it and they quickly avoided electronic malfunctions and a wet white contest by moving the musicians and crowd inside. We watched the action from afar, staying put a few minutes under the covered veranda of the Phoenix and waiting out the rain.

When we entered the party we were greeted by “50 shades of white”.  How could I resist that one 🙂 Seriously though, everyone was looking fine in their white attire. Throughout the evening, the general consensus from people I knew, was that we were long overdue for a great cocktail party and this one definitely satisfied that craving.

We were treated to all the rum we could drink and hors-d’oeuvres throughout the evening.  As I was writing this, I FB messaged Karen that I did not snap a good food shot other than the sweets. Her reply was “me either, I was too busy eating that food!” That good testament to how much we were enjoying the Red Ginger waiters and their delicious trays 🙂

Another highlight of the evening was pirate Jack Sparrow. He did an amazing job of entertaining the crowd all night and made “the movie scene” one I would watch again. Of course, many of the crowd wanted to have a picture taken with him. Jack even got people up and dancing by the end of the night.

A Bit More About Tiburon Rum

It’s no surprise the Belizean Rum continues to grow in popularity and has won many awards in 2014. Tiburon is a handcrafted, premium molasses base rum. Using the warm climate of Belize to age Tiburon Rum in old oak bourbon barrels has proven to be an award-winning formula.

Click for more information on the interesting history of Tiburon Rum, it’s flavor profile and unique distilling process. You can also like the Tiburon Rum Facebook page to see more of the party and keep informed on the popular Belize Rum.

belize rum
Tiburon Rum White Party
belize rum
One of the busy bartenders serving delicious drinks at the party
belize rum
Large selection of Travelers Rum products

Ending with a few moments of Gratitude

First off, I was very thankful that Basil gave enough advance notice for the party as it is not always easy shopping here especially for a specific theme like the White Party. Karen and I hit Top Notch to see what we could find. She scored a nice white top and I started my outfit with a gold studded white leather purse. For clothing, I FB messaged my Vampire Lestat aka Horatio who also manages Island Gear. He was going on a shopping trip to L.A. and was able to pick up a perfect dress and shoes for me. Kendal said he was short on white too so I was willing to share my personal shopper 🙂 It is not an easy job to; shop for someone else – especially with sizing so messed up these days but we managed to make it work in the end.

The other mules also get a gratitude shout out, they completed my shopping abroad for the event with a lovely white pashmina wrap in case it got chilly.

At the last possible minute, it was pointed out that my dress (with a built-in slip) was a lot more see through from behind than I had realized. Thankfully I have the kind of friends that are willing to say something. At that stage of the game, there was not much I could do other than be grateful was not wearing granny panties and had bought some nice seamless full coverage sexy skivvies at Top Notch to wear with my mermaid dress at the Icy Valentines. san pedro belize at the Tiburon Rum white party

2 more people that were grateful to enjoy the benefits of the party were Eric and Dennis, both of them got gifted from my from the swag bag full of rum and other good treasures.

Dennis also weighed in with a Rum review based on his share of the pirate booty. He thought Travellers Belizean rum was smooth and mellow flavored, he opted to drink it with water and a touch of lime and can’t wait to try the 5 barrel. Next time we are in town, he plans on a pit stop at the Travellers Liquors store on Middle Street to see if he can get some Tiburon or perhaps we’ll to go to Travellers Liquors Ltd. in Belize City.

travellers rum belize
What was inside our Tiburon Rum party swag bags

I will leave you with a slideshow of more pics from a great night.

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