Holy Cross Belize Kicks Into High Gear

I will always be grateful for the education I received when volunteering at Holy Cross School way back when we first turned up in San Pedro. It has paved the way for me to work with our fantastic crew and help implement San Pedro Belize Red Cross volunteer vacations, a very exciting new chapter in our book (and a big part of my mind movie) 🙂 The school was a great role model to me and I enjoyed many amazing times there. Even though I may not write about them as much these days, Holy Cross and the San Mateo area beside it, are still strong in my heart. I think about them a lot and quietly work towards hopefully helping being one of the grains of sand that makes a difference in that area one day. Thankfully for San Mateo residents and kids, Holy Cross School has always cultivated and enjoyed the benefits of attracting a wide range of groups that have wanted to Volunteer in Belize and make a difference as you will see  below.

Basket Ball team 2nd in Belize

This year the Holy Cross boy’s basket ball team gave it their all, winning the local competition, then the  district competition. The national finals were played in Belize City, and with their team coming second place, just 2 points behind the winners. Well done 🙂

pictures of belize
Holy Cross Basketball team

Budding Artist

The school has been blessed to have a watercolor artist helping two days a week. He’s been teaching classes and individuals, with some great outcomes. Here’s an art student with one of his paintings. What talent!

volunteer belize
Sharing amazing talent with Holy Cross kids

More Than Futbol

One thing many visitors to Holy Cross and San Mateo see is kids playing futbol. More than Futbol ran a successful futbol (soccer) camp coaching and playing with Holy Cross students. The organization is also working to bring a future futbol league to San Pedro.

belize people
More than Futbol ran a successful futbol camp coaching and playing with Holy Cross students.

Dentists brightening smiles in San Pedro

Every year, the Smile Dental Clinic at Holy Cross Anglican School hosts several groups of volunteer dentists. From January 26th to February 7th, the clinic hosted two different sets of dental professionals from the United States of America. The professionals’ visit was coordinated through Dr. Mark Johnson, who has been the head of the dental clinic at the school since November of 2004. If you know of any dental professionals who might be interested in this opportunity, please have them make contact with Dr. Mark Johnson at belizeanmark[at]hotmail.com

living in belize
Annual Smile Clinic is always a great way for kids to start their new year.

St Valentines Day Fair

Every year Holy Cross  holds a Valentine’s Day fundraising fair, and this year was no exception. Estrella made beautiful cards to sell, the teachers put on games, the cafeteria sold tasty food and much fun was enjoyed by all.

belize school
Holy Cross School
san mateo belize
San Mateo stilt home

Community Book Club

A monthly club that includes a San Pedro community member and a Holy Cross class has begun this school year. Volunteers from Christopher Newport University have worked to bring this project into reality, and now students at Holy Cross receive children’s books that are taken home – a rarity for students. Holy Cross thanks CNU for all of their hard work and dedication.

volunteer belize
Community Book Club Christopher project by Newport University

Drake University at Holy Cross

Students and faculty from Drake University visited the school and quickly got to work in classrooms as teacher aides, fixing up the school, and painting a mural. Members also helped with conch conservation, and at a local archaeological site. It takes many grains of sand to make the beach  🙂

volunteer belize
Drake University volunteer group mural painting at Holy Cross

Thank You, Literacy Volunteers

They take literacy seriously at Holy Cross and their ongoing literacy program is a proud success. They’d like to thank all the volunteers who are part of it, including the group below from Minnesota who came to do a one week literacy intervention aimed at Standard 2 and 3 students aka 4th and 5th grade.

volunteer belize
Ongoing literacy program at Holy Cross School

Thank you

Holy Cross faculty and students would like to thank you again for your ongoing support, interest and prayers. Without you none of this would be possible. Stay tuned for volunteer coordinator Lydia sharing more adventures from Holy Cross in a month or so 🙂 If you would like to get on her mailing list:  volunteerbelize[at]gmail.com

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