Bob Bounahra Belize picture

What Happened in Vegas Made it to Belize

Sorry no strip club pics or San Pedro crew behaving badly at WSOP 2011.  tacoboy did get some nice shots of everyone enjoying the exclusive Bob Bounahra party at the Bellagio Hotel where the appetizers were tasty, champagne was flowing freely causing a few people to wake up in slow-mo the next morning’. He also got some nice shots at the main event – WSOP 2011 and was pleased to report that the San Pedro Belize Crew had a great time while in Vegas. It was nice to see all the Belize flags waving in his crowd pictures.

They socialized, played poker, ate great food, and did some sightseeing. A few of them even helped one of the guys move some stuff from a storage unit in an effort to lighten his load and not see his stuff on Storage Wars.

After I took a break from working on this post last night, I caught the Cupcake Wars WSOP challenge. Teams had to impress the judges with delicious poker-themed and flavored cupcakes. The winning two teams went on to refine their recipes and design a 1000 cupcake display that best represented the World Series of Poker. Interestingly enough the winning baker won because her display was more identifiable with the World Series of Poker’s logo design. Video is worth watching if you like competition shows.

Pictures by tacoboy – Sony Cybershot camera

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