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Abandoned and Shot Now Loved and Protected

There is no doubt that Si was probably a very cute puppy. It’s easy to imagine a child playing with him and enjoying the wonderful bond that develops between puppies and children. What is not so easy to imagine is how such a sweet potlicker grew up, having been cared for by someone and then ended up abandoned and shot in the street.

When residents of San Mateo reported that there was an injured dog, possibly shot, in their neighborhood, Hurricane Rina was threatening the coast of Ambergris Caye. Evacuations were in progress and SAGA was making
emergency plans in case the hurricane struck. Despite all of that, SAGA workers and volunteers hurried into action to try to find the dog and bring him in for examination.

It is always very concerning to hear that someone may have been shooting a gun in a residential area where so many families live, so the SAGA team was hoping that the report was not true. Unfortunately, residents confirmed that shots had been heard the night before and they located the injured dog quickly.

After muzzling the dog for their own safety, a SAGA volunteer and a SAGA staff member wrapped him in a blanket and rushed him back to the clinic, where he was given urgent medical treatment by the SAGA veterinary surgeon.

Once the wounds were exposed, it was very clear that it was a gunshot wound and the bullet had entered and left the dogs body. Lucky for this little dog, no vital organs had been damaged and SAGA was able to save his life.

Because the dog had been abandoned he has no name, so SAGA named him Si and he is currently in a foster home receiving the love and attention he needs to help recover both his health and his confidence.

SAGA deals with animal emergencies in San Pedro every day, helping to make the community safer for people and pets. They depend on your donations and support to provide this very special ’emergency service’. Si is one of the lucky ones, because the caring people of San Mateo made sure they called SAGA.

If you have an animal emergency or have seen an animal that needs help, please call SAGA on 226 3266.

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