San Pedro Belize beach pictures

What 3 different girls saw recently

3 different views from 3 different girls

Fishing outside the reef – by Carole Goudreau

Snow in Toronto – by Gailtor

Painted kids – me

Boys fishing trip – by Carole Goudreau

Snowed in parking lot – by Gailtor

Fauxhawk – me

Big grouper – by Carole Goudreau

Snowy roads – by Gailtor

Painted people – me

Outside the reef – by Carole Goudreau

Canadian Winter – by Gailtor

Bull and Matador – me

3 thoughts on “What 3 different girls saw recently

  1. Anonymous says:

    Terrific comparison pictures Laurie. No snow here, but will still enjoy being in SP in a few days…Bill

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Laurie.. yes, lots of snow here in Toronto these days.. and apparently more on the way tonite (Tues) but that’s ok because on Thurs I will be seeing scenes like the ones Carole and you shot. Can not wait.. Gail

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