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What 3 different girls saw recently

3 different views from 3 different girls

Fishing outside the reef – by Carole Goudreau

Snow in Toronto – by Gailtor

Painted kids – me

Boys fishing trip – by Carole Goudreau

Snowed in parking lot – by Gailtor

Fauxhawk – me

Big grouper – by Carole Goudreau

Snowy roads – by Gailtor

Painted people – me

Outside the reef – by Carole Goudreau

Canadian Winter – by Gailtor

Bull and Matador – me


  1. Hey Laurie.. yes, lots of snow here in Toronto these days.. and apparently more on the way tonite (Tues) but that’s ok because on Thurs I will be seeing scenes like the ones Carole and you shot. Can not wait.. Gail

  2. Terrific comparison pictures Laurie. No snow here, but will still enjoy being in SP in a few days…Bill

  3. See you soon Bill. I saw Gail yesterday she is here now.

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