San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Boat Bus Taxi Plane

Today we went on a boat, bus, taxi and plane.

Almost there thankfully – to early for vibrating boat can’t wait to get on the bus to Belmopan.

Off we go in search of the chicken bus – was not hard to find Novelo’s bus station a bout a 15 minute walk from the water taxi. We took the 7 am boat and were able to catch the 9 am bus. Boat cost us $30 for 2 one way and the bus was $8 one way for both of us – a guy comes around to collect the money after you sit down no advance tickets.

We made it to Belmopan for just after 10 am – it was very easy to find the Department of Immigration. I am standing at the counter waiting to see what comes next and how long we have to wait for out interviews. I am not moving I do not want to be out of sight out of mind. I just got asked to move to the aside ha ha – luckily a seat opened up right in front of the counter.

I hope we pas through quickly and easily as I do not want to stay overnight. Paul just told me to think happy thoughts, we are both a bit tired and hungry – I do not feel to eat in the office though will wait a bit.

We just got told to come back for 1 pm so we decided to go for a walk and find Chap at the new book store.

1pm back in the office again … 1:20 pm still waiting.

Our interviews were relatively short it was all the waiting that had us catching the 3 pm bus with minutes to spare – that meant standing room only for a bit until some school kids got off and we were able to sit. I sat beside Felipe a guy from Orange Walk who was on his way back home after work. We chatted a bit he showed me pictures of his kids and I shared my sandwiches with him and the extra bottle of water we had.

Speeding back to Belize city but not speedy enough – we arrived at the same time as the last boat was leaving (4:30pm) . Met a cab driver right away and he said $10 bzd to take us to Municipal – we asked him out of curiosity how much to cab to Belmopan and he said about $125. We had to wait for the 5:50 flight to San Pedro – tickets cost us $37 usd each person more than the boat but worth it to get back to our beloved Island instead of staying overnight – another bonus is I get to take some areal shots. We have 45 minute wait for our flight and I so want a nap.

Got up in the air for 5 minutes then landed at Goldson airport to pick up 4 more people – up up and away we are heading for home.

Have quarters for the bathrooms and possible extra tp or kleenex if you think you might need it. I paid 50 cents at the water taxi terminal and the girls at the bus station did not want to make change for Paul – while I do feel I was given more than enough toilet paper I could see how in some cases one might want a bit more.

Bring water and a packed lunch or snacks – I found it helpful that we did not have to think about when and where we could grab a bite to eat.

Get a seat early on the bus or you may have to stand for a bit.

Be prepared in case you need to stay overnight or change modes of transportation- we ended up missing the last boat and caught a cab over to Municipal Airport to catch a plane.

On swing bridge

Heading to catch bus

Belize City

School girls

Cool vehicle

Walking near the bus station

Near bus station

Novelo’s Bus Terminal

Our bus

Market stalls

Fruit trucks

Fruit market

Fruit stand

Novelo’s Bus Terminal

Standing room only for a short while

Colorful houses

Bridge shot

Snapping pics out window

Side road

Belmopan Bus station

Department of Immigration

Immigration is close to bus station

Walk to office

Lots of people waiting


Walk way


Pinata maker


Municipal Airport

Silly picture

Plane to San Pedro

Leaving Municipal Airport


Long road

What a view

Air shot


Pit stop at Goldson International Airport

Sea of green


Caribbean Sea


Just missed Paul and Cindy’s house

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  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Dex, Something came up and I may not make it to the party but please post the date of it again so people can see it. Not sure re Amy W.

  2. Dex says:

    I tell ya’ the entire Island is a twitter, over the
    Party @ Patojo’s, Who: Absolutely anybody.
    What: Party Island Style
    When: 9:05
    Where: I tol’ Ya! PATOJO”S
    PS> I hear Amy Winehouse, is leaving Rehab and moving to San Pedro Town???? It could happen….

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