San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Wetsuit Weather

I chickened out of going to aquafit today at 9:50 am – pretty much the last minute. When thoughts of having to wear my wetsuit start crossing my mind it makes it harder for me to motivate myself. Going to practice some tai chi with my portable iPod shuffle speaker instead – I think that is a reasonable compromise. Now it’s time to get out of my bikini and into something cozier. Got the underwear that ct muled in for me from Memphis Courtney – my Ed Hardy style t-shirt on [also from mc]- and my old navy sleep shorts.

Daily San Pedro Weather – thinking about socks.

Off to exercise back in a bit.

We walked over to Carole’s today to catch a ride to town. Lots of skeeters out thankfully I saw a bunch of dragonflies who will hopefully eat them all.

Underware muled to me by Ct for Memphis Courtney

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