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I thought I could overtake the mud puddle but I was wrong. It got too deep and muddy making me come to a fast stop and get double ankle height soakers. Dorry and Guillermo came to class today. Lots of fun

Daily San Pedro Weather: feeling cold by the end of aquafit class and I just put my hoodie on. Slept with comforter on.

It’s follow Friday tweeters – off check out who is out there. See you later.

Shout out to to all who sent tacogirl out for follow ff. Made the announcement that I have a surprise for everyone next Friday and retweeted a bunch of interesting stuff.

Funniest tweet I saw came from – shorelineballrm – Shoreline Ballroom
just announced G. Love and Special Sauce! Saturday- made me think of barbecue ribs

Birthday Shout out to Cassidy – thanks for inviting us to your party we had a great time.

Guillermo taking plane pics


Gwen Maureen and Dorry chatting after class

Guillermo taking plane pics

Heading South

See you Later

Off to try San Marcos Deli

Indian food night at Pedros

Casidy's 21st Birthday party at BYC

Casidy's 21st Birthday party at BYC

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  1. Carbunkletrumpet says:

    I don’t know if this is a good thing but G Love and Special Sauce is a heck of a band and I have seen them a couple dozen times!
    Small world!

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