Top Ten Simple Pleasures of Living in San Pedro

by tacogirl
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Shout out to Mitch – Sev – Michele – Rob – Dan – Ruth and all our Playa friends. Mitch – I just finished my second coffee and would be popping you right about now to come join us for a second one and some geek talk. As usual I have to many windows open and am trying to clear a few so I can get to that coffee break – need to go stare at the water a bit.

Why is it that the simplest task can often lead you head on into 3 more. I was starting today’s post and that led me to checking a few posts to see what images were up and that I had categorized them in the guest contributors section which led me to fixing a photo gallery in a past Victoria House and setting images 3 across – much better now. Those 2 things reminded I need to work on my categories a bit juts been slow to open that can of worms ha ha.

Here are 2 must see photographs I came across in my surfing today by juicyjoe and coffetime.

I almost forgot to mention I have asked a few people to submit tacogirl Top Ten lists so keep a watch for them – kicking it off with Dorry’s list…

Top Ten simple pleasures of living in San Pedro Belize (from someone who has been here for just over 2 weeks)

1. helpful, friendly people
2. cheap fresh fruit and produce in walking distance from home
3. screen doors and ocean breeze
4. warm, homemade tortillas
5. cheap rum
6. riding bikes
7. DandE’s frozen custard
8. cheap taxis (especially coming from NYC!)
9. cashing checks at Milo’s
10. lunch specials with hearty portions and handwritten daily menus

My simple pleasure - bananas off the tree in our yard Nice list Dorry – I’ll take # 10 right now followed by# 7.

Tech question anyone know what the best way to reboot g-chat when contacts will not show up?

Stay tuned for more….

Two Interesting tidbits I read on Coast to Coast news… Hindenburg airship beer auctioned – the bottle of beer is one of six that survived the Hindenburg crash. Amazing man who drives car with thought-powered arms after losing limbs in accident.

I just got a pretty funny text from tacoboy… pizza will be in photo shoot then will b home. I ordered a white pizza with peperoni & green peppers and now it has somehow made it into Joe’s photo shoot ha ha.

San Pedro Weather – put on a hoodie this aft and watched a majestic sunset.

One last tidbit to share that I found before closing down for the night… The newest edition of Moon Belize is a gem. Joshua Berman, a travel expert to both Nicaragua and Belize, recently revised the 8th edition of Moon Belize, and the result is a comprehensive, informative guide for any kind of traveler.

The amazing man who drives car with thought-powered arms after losing limbs in accident

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Remo November 12, 2009 - 5:13 pm

Living La Dolce Vita:)

Wish I could trade places with you guys now:(

Tacogirl do you own a business in San Pedro? Retired?

Just wondering….


tacogirl November 12, 2009 - 6:51 pm

tacogirl is my business umbrella Remo – hope all is good with you.

Dorry November 12, 2009 - 10:29 am

I guess I should have said that we averaged $120/month on taxis in NYC and we’ve spent about $10 here which is a nice change 🙂

Rebecca November 11, 2009 - 11:38 pm

Taxis in NYC (my former home town) are SO much cheaper.

Michele in Playa November 11, 2009 - 3:47 pm

Hola San Pedro people!! Miss you guys!!


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