San Pedro Belize beach pictures

West & Snorkle

White fluffy clouds, deserted beaches and crystal clear water; we were in tropical delight as we ambled our way up the back side of the island. About 7 miles north, we stopped at The Sand Bar for lunch, as well as a few deserted beaches along the way.

It was still early when we finished all that, so we all agreed it was a good idea to go around to front of the island for a snorkel stop. We hit an amazing snorkel spot 1 mile north of town. Taco-boy held down the fort and enjoyed watching the waves at the reef. Dick, Carole and I did not stay in too long, as the water was on the cool side for us thin blooded people. Taco-bro was in snorkeling heaven having just come from Canada, he was glad to be exploring the coral heads and fish.

Carole walking along a sandbar

Crystal clear water

Beautiful sky and sandbar

Snorkeling in the blue

3 men on a boat

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