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Happy Anniversary at Portofino Belize

Today we celebrate a double anniversary – Jan 3 2009 marks 3 years in Belize for tacoboy and I and 8 years in Belize for Pedro – Grant told us it is actually 9 for Pedro.

Pedro is going to Mexico with friends overnight to celebrate and we are going north. Paul, Rob and I decided to head north and go enjoy Portofino Resort today and it was a great day for it. We saw Jan, Sandra and Helda – drank delicious smoothies from Green Parrot Bar – lounged on the beach – hung out on the dock – enjoyed the pool had a yummy lunch at Le Bistro – walked the beach for a bit north and south then headed back to town. Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate.

The following pictures are for those of you who are stuck in snow right now. I hope you all enjoy your Virtual Vacation at Portofino. Happy January 3rd and 3 cheers to no more winters.

If you are trying to get a cheap flight to Belize, I was catching up a bit on the message board and saw susie8888 posted about a great seat sale on American Airlines worth looking into for those of you who need a break from chilly weather.

Taken by Helda

Taken by Paul

Taken by Helda

After we refueled a bit at home – we continued on celebrating at Sarai’s birthday party. We all thought it would be the perfect thing to do as it was close to home – El Divino. It was really cool they had extended the outside restaurant area and had tables and a DJ all around the entry way and fountain area at Banana Beach.

Richard and Sarai – Happy Birthday Sarai

DJ out front

Out door party

Celebrating at Sarai’s party

Walter and Rob

Roadside chat


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! A smart decision 3 & 8 years ago deserves to be celebrated.

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet

    Congrats on 3 years and for Pedro as well.

  3. Looks like tacobro is have a GREAT time! Bet tacoMom is wishing she was there too. Great pictures for memories.
    Looks like tacobro has a serious camera.. hope he posts some of his pictures.

  4. Wow – 3 years with no snow!! Happy anniversary and congrats!!

  5. Thanks all – will have to ask him to submit a few Gail.

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