San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Fun In The Sun

After my brother settled in yesterday and caught a quick nap, we went for a walk down south, and then ended up at Canucks just in time to meet Jack, and score the last of Caroline’s BBQ . Cindy and Sharon turned up not long after. Paul had called Sharon as I saw Lisbon with her disco dog light coming down the beach, and knew she was AWOL again.

We are off to Jack’s house shortly then to the pool with Chunky and Ruth.

Jack was fixing his boat, so we chatted with Nancy, Rick and Dan instead. Went to pool after and had a nice time with Chunky and Ruth, and now we are just relaxing.

More to come…

Went to Pedro’s tonight, and tacobro demanded that he had the garlic shrimp pizza. While on our way there we got sidetracked at Changes in Latitudes, as the Beach Brownie Derby gang is back in town and were having a courtyard party. So we stopped to say reminisce about riding bikes on the O’Farrell dock – and have a dirty banana.

Later at Pedro’s, we hung out with the brat pack and met Emily and Jenny, who are very much enjoying their escape from Minnesota winter. Tacobro had brought a container of fortune cookies down from our friend Faby in Toronto, and we were passing them around. Mine said “you will make a name for yourself”.

Chunky in the fitness club pool

Hanging out with Chunky and Ruth at the pool

Changes in Latitudes party

Courtyard party at Changes in Latitudes

Two women eating pizza at Pedro's

Emily and Jenny grooving on Pizza

Group shot at Pedro's

Group shot for Emily and Jenny

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