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Belize Visa’s

If you have questions about Belize work permits and immigration processes, you have found the right post.

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Thanks to Dr.D. L. Lawrence, it’s no longer a mystery of how to live and work in Belize. She has researched and written “The Document Trail – The Unofficial Guide for Living and Working in Belize”.

By purchasing and downloading The Document Trail PDF you will receive up to date and useful information that will help you properly prepare, such as:

– The main immigration route is identified for entry, extensions, work permits & residency. No more guessing.

– Current & accurate, written from experience and research downloadable booklet gives you all 3 sample forms free:
Sample of Work Permit Application
Sample of Permanent Residency Application Form
Sample of Medical Forms for Residency Application – Not available in print yet

The Document Trail is available for online purchases via .PDF download at Belize Visas.

Downloadable form samples are also available for purchase individually.

Pick up your copy today.

5 thoughts on “Belize Visa’s

  1. tacogirl says:

    Peter some people might find this route useful if they are not in the country over calling long distance to Belmopan. It is also a handy option because it can be printed off to have a hard copy.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Anon – Dr. Lawrence is very well known on the island and she worked hand in hand with Immigration to create this manual in order to make sure the information is correct and that it is a helpful and worthwhile resource for people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This could be a valuable resource, but $ 69 usd is pretty steep. What are the qualifications of Dr. D.L. Lawrence and what makes her an expert? If you talk to 10 people that have gone through the residency process you will hear 10 very different stories.

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