Ambergris Caye

Washing Your Hands and Other Great Tricks

The show must go on and it did, in spite of the fact that a high portion of the islanders are suffering from pink eye and largely banished from the public. Countrywide the Ministry of Health recently reported 5434 known cases over the last four weeks. Numbers are actually higher as many people went and got treatment without seeing a doctor. On Ambergris Caye there were over 379 cases of this unpleasant ailment.

I was recently at the bank and saw someone with a washcloth covering one eye. Of course, I instantly got the heebie jeebies and did not want to touch anything. My solution was to try and open the doors and touch the keypad on the machine in places people do not normally, I know that sounds silly but it did make me feel better – the placebo effect. Of course, I went home and washed my hands immediately. Dr. Renae’s wise advice to help avoid the pink plague “wash your hands and don’t touch your eyes”. If you feel the urge to scratch or touch your eye use the back part of the thumb closer to the wrist, (which is the “cleanest” part of your hand) and swipe from the outside to inside of the eye going toward and outward off your nose….. then wash your hands asap.

Intermagia Magic Show

The Ambergris Caye Rotary Club members were out in full force keeping us healthy and germ-free. Member Kate Corrigan carried a huge jug of hand sanitizer and every person who walked through the door had to “wash up”. Sadly the pink epidemic still affected crowd numbers. I knew this would be the case as my friend Cindy who saw the show the night before mentioned it in her review when I asked how she liked it. She also has hand sanitizer taped to her golf cart and still managed to catch the pink plague somewhere in her travels post show.

The majority of the audience at Wednesday’s show at the Paradise Theatre were children so the show was G rated. It was fine seeing the kids in awe and laughing at the show. The magicians did a great job of getting them involved both on stage and by bringing the show into the audience.

While I enjoyed the show and was glad my friend Shirlee and I went, I definitely enjoyed last years adults only show a bit more.

We were told next year’s plan is to have a matinee for children and a “grown-up” black tie type of event for adults where the magic would be up close and personal.

After the show we got to thank the performers in person, let them know we are glad they came back and are looking forward to next year.

Intermagia Team

This years crew was slightly different and every bit as talented as last year.

From Guatemala: Luis Karias, Jean Cairoli, Alexander Goz, Solange.
From Mexico: Spider, Gaby Millan, Sustaita.
From Honduras: Daniel Vega

A Few Pictures

The night sky on the way to the show was worth taking a few pictures of along the way to share with you. Part way through editing, I went back to my Intermagia folder to find all of the pictures from after the show disappeared into thin air (not the kind of magic trick I care for) thankfully a quick messenger to Rotary club’s Kate Corrigan and within a minute she sent me a couple of replacements.

Ambergris Caye
Heading to the beach road by Sandy Toes Bar.
Ambient Sky on our drive.
North Ambergris Caye
Crossing the bridge to the Paradise Theatre
North Ambergris Caye
Sunset over San Mateo and the canal.
Ambergris Caye Rotary Club
Many of the magicians had kids come up on stage.

Ambergris Caye Rotary Club

Ambergris Caye Rotary Club
So many happy kids that night
Ambergris Caye Rotary Club
Intermagia and Ambergris Caye Rotary Club including Rotaractors Courtesy of Kate Corrigan.
Intermagia posing magic fans after the show Courtesy of Kate Corrigan.

Magic Show Video

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