Making the Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible

One of the reasons I love a good magic show is that magicians are skilled at making the impossible possible. A very admirable ability that comes from hours of practice and honing their creative craft. Having only had the option to see one magic show in whole 10 years of living in Belize, I was excited to get invited to one.

Last week the island got treated to a really great fundraiser put on by the Rotary Club to raise money for San Pedro Youth – more details below. International magic show Intermagia preformed live at the Paradise Theater and treated my friends and I fantastic and funny magic. They also filled our heads with wonder as amazing impossibilities happened before our eyes.

The Magic Makers

The magicians listed below filled us with a night of illusion. They kept the audience involved, made us laugh, and had our jaws dropping.

As we walked to the theater I told my friends I knew it was going to be a good show from the start, I heard rave reviews of the kids afternoon show. They spiced it up perfectly for adults in the evening as you will see from my video mashups below.

Luis Karias -Guatemala Producer
Tony Guerrero – Costa Rica
Adrian Vega – Espana
Spider – Mexico
Jean Cairoli – Guatemala
Rodrigo Rolzen – Chile
Hellen – Guatemala
Alexander – Goz Guatemala

Making the Impossible Possible
Ambergris Caye Rotary Club volunteers and Intermagia Magicians

Tricks We Saw

  • Coins appear from all kinds of places.
  • Birds coming out of thin air and sometimes going right back where they came from including the cage.
  • A dollar bill magically turn up inside a lime.
  • And so much more – all with a great sense of humor.

So excited to finally have edited few hours of video footage down to 2 short and one mid length one. I wrote this post on October 12th, spent daily chunks of time chopping the footage ever since to get the best magic tricks for your viewing pleasure. Aside from all the cool tricks, one of my favorite parts was that pretty much everyone who got called up on stage was someone we all know, that bumped the fun level up to seriously funny. As you watch the video notice the looks on everyone’s faces and their reactions, they are being up-close astounded by the talented international magic crew.

Magic Mashup One

Magic Mashup Two

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye (RCAC) for putting on such a great event – we need more like it. Thanks also goes out to all the sponsors and ticket sellers: Hotel Central Park, Paradise Theater, The Coconut Cafe, Carts Belize, Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar, Ocean Breeze Cart RentalThe Villas at Banyan Bay and AquaVista Beachfront SuitesCrazy Canucks, Wayo’s Beach Bar, and Keller Williams.

It All Started With Flips

As you saw in my opening picture we unexpectedly enjoyed getting a Jabbawockeez style view of the opening act the magic show from our opening act, The Saints. The local Christian based youth group gave it their best and got aerodynamic for us. It always amazes me when people can defy gravity. It definitely qualifies for me as for making the impossible possible. I cannot imagine being able to suddenly propel myself into a full circle flip. Nor is it in my cards to be the girl that cartwheels across stage but I can spin a hula hoop for an hour straight 🙂

More About The San Pedro Saints

For those of you who attended the show and did not know much about them, they are an inspiring group of boys. Most of these youths used to spend most of their time on the street, doing nothing with their talent. They joined together and started a break-dancing crew. This gave them the opportunity to socialize in a healthy way, keep a positive focus and develop their individual talents with good friends.

Where the Magical Money Will Go

Putting Children First project has joined with the San Pedro Kid’s Club to provide after school activities for primary school children  The RCAC’s mission of “Strengthening Community Through Service to Future Generations” is reflected by their commitment to improving the health, education and welfare of the children of San Pedro.

Filling a recognized need to help keep kids busy and off the street, the program is free of charge for primary school kids, which includes sports and arts and crafts. To lean more click through on the San Pedro Sun article – San Pedro Kids Club: An after-school program for island children.

To make a donation or to volunteer (must be at least high school age) to this worthwhile cause please contact Brittney O’Daniel at 630-1241.

About Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye

Here is a group who also makes the seemingly impossible, possible. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, but focuses primarily on helping families in need in their own communities. Click through for more information on the Ambergris Caye Rotary Club.

Aside from the Magic show, here are some highlights of what they have done in the community so far.

  • Painted and helped New Horizon school with repairs
  • Book drive provided the library with 1,0000’s books
  •  Chairs for Charity at Lobster Fest
  •  Aquafina fashion show ticket sales to raise funds for Rotary projects
  • Assisting set up of Kid’s Club by managing the Wednesday night sports focus
  • Donation to fire survivors needing assistance
  • Donation to hurricane survivors needing assistance

What Do Magicians Eat For Breakfast?

The next morning I went to Mr Deli and found out the answer. Same thing I was having – a delicious hash brown burrito.

San Pedro Restaurants
Magicians Breakfast bags of hash brown burritos and fresh OJ
Casa Pan Dulce Bakery downtown San Pedro
I went onto get a sweet treat too from Casa Pan Dulce

I had to post this one as it is as interesting as the magicians to me. The owner and star chef of hungry grouper Argyle, extended his magic talents beyond the kitchen and turn a golf cart into a dune buggy. It will get fiberglass next.

Customized golf cart
Custom cart modification to a dune buggy. It will get fiberglass over the wood mold.

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