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Living in Belize

Walter’s Big Deck


Ever mix up your days? I did so to the extreme last night thinking it was Wednesday. It was not till this morning when I mentioned going to the pool that Paul said it is Wednesday and yesterday was Tuesday. We both laughed because  he did not catch it correct me last night at 12:30am when I was trying to meet a deadline thinking I was late.

For those who like tech toys Upstart Blogger is giving away 7 brand new shiny new, video camera enabled, 16GB ipod nanos. On October 1st 2009 Ashley will be drawing 7 lucky winners from a hat.

Shout out to Colette and Lan Sluder for providing me with great information  for my Belize Volunteer Opportunities post.

While Pedro was away Walter took the opportunity to expand the deck at Pedro’s Hotel and make it pool party size – I think he just wants more room for girls in bikini’s.

Walters Deck

Walters Big Deck

Walters handywork

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  1. tacogirl September 24, 2009

    He sure is CT

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet September 24, 2009

    That Walter is the man, not only can he bake a great pie he can build a nice fancy deck!

  3. tacogirl September 23, 2009

    He will be pleased we are all talking about his Big Deck Michele.

    He sure is Ruthie – not seen to many things he can’t do. Are you ready to come back yet? We miss you.

  4. Ruthie September 23, 2009

    That Walter is incredible…the deck looks great!

  5. Michele in Playa September 23, 2009

    I always knew that Walter had a big deck. He, he, he!


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