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Living in Belize

Special Delivery Day


It is a most exciting day here at the taco shack – my birthday present from Paul arrived this aft when Lemon Crush Lara came back from her San Diego business trip.

A Samsung NC10 netbook – weighing in at 2.9 pounds and is pretty high powered for such a small thing. The battery life is about 8h – anyone who has a lap top knows they never last as long as the manufactures say but it definitely beats out the 1 h that my old lap top has.

Not sure why but there was a detour happening on our way out of town today. Here are a few pics I took along the way home.

Middle street

Middle Street

Side street detour



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  1. tacogirl September 26, 2009

    I like it a lot Ruthie it is as fast as my reg size lap top. I thought the small screen may take getting used to but it’s fine and I love the portability of it – so light.

  2. Ruthie September 23, 2009

    Oh wow…I know you were thrilled with your new netbook. I’m gonna have to buy a new laptop before we come back down to SP…my old one is still hanging on, but I don’t trust it lasting down there! Let me know how you like the netbook.

  3. tacogirl September 23, 2009

    Thanks Michele. Loving new toy.

  4. Michele in Playa September 23, 2009

    Ooooo! Presents!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Enjoy your new toy!!


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