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I have been looking for a secondary browser [firefox is currently my main one] for my Samsung NC10 netbook. I was not happy with Safari due to it preforming sluggishly on my reg lap top and was hesitant to download it on netbook for that reason. Recommendation from deadserious on Ambergris Vacations Forum solved my dilemma and I decided to give Google Chrome a try.

So far what I like about it… fast installation [even with slow Belize internet] on both lap top and netbook – it pulled all my info from firefox saving me set up time – I was easily able to customize the look with a nice deep blue color – going through work related emails that I used to do on safari was so much faster which is what sold me the most.

I am almost considering making it my main browser and using firefox as default now but going to play around with it a bit more before doing that. If you have been considering a new browser I would highly recommend giving Google Chrome a try – link to the install page.

Aquafit was canceled today due to rain. Leaving you with a few pics of Monel enjoying the surf in Mexico. He and Ruth both said they are enjoying it there and they have already found a new apt with fast internet and hydro included how cool is that.

Monel playing in Mexico surf

Monel enjoying the beach in Mexico

6 thoughts on “Google Chrome Review

  1. tacogirl says:

    Yes that was main reason for Monel and Ruth moving to Mexico because they needed faster internet (which is now included in their rent – lucky them). Your rant made me smile – it is pretty funny how good tv is for the price. I just hope they will stop periodically rearranging channels on us. For internet we are on coral cable middle speed at $129 a month and it is never as fast as it is supposed be. I know someone who was actually testing his speed daily and charting lol. I wish you could get BTL without having to have a land line. Hopefully BTL will change for the better one day. Interesting to learn a bit about your history Remo. Let me know how you like chrome.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Agreed Sandy it’s speed multiple tabs are great, I also like that you can customize color. I have not made it my main browser yet over firefox but it is growing on me definitely has lived up to what I wanted it for right from the start.

  3. Remo says:

    I saw Monel’s post at the playa forums complaining about the bad internet and communication services on the Island.

    And you know what infuriates me to no ends?

    I have been to many countries since my existence and NOT ONE country I can recall that has internet services being MORE EXPENSIVE than cable TV for example. Yep, only in Belize can you get 120 channels for $20US a month while paying more than $50US for a crappy 128k connection (BTL). Now, that is just insane!! In Canada I paid less than $100 for phone, internet and cable tv. Man, some late nights I was getting like over 300 kb/sec download speeds.

    I keep complaining to BTL about the damn expensive and slow internet. Well, now the Government is trying to wrestle BTL back from the evil clutches of the British millionaire Sir Michael Ashcroft. Hopefully, after the war is over maybe (I pray) the Government might lower internet prices for the masses and bring back skype:)

    My dad said things were better under the British Rule (pre 1981) but he is one of those few Belizeans who preferred when the British were controlling things.

    Then again my dad has dual Citizenships (British and Belizean) and his father came to Belize as a Scottish officer in the British military and married a Spanish woman and eventually made Belize his new home.

    Anyway, sorry for the long rant taco. I am just in one of those moods tonight:(

    Oh and I am downloading chrome now:)


  4. Sandy A. says:

    I really like Chrome, and prefer it to my old fave, Firefox. I think it is much faster and I like being able to open multiple tabs while still being able to go to my main page with all my frequently used sites. I realize Firefox does that to, but I like Chrome’s layout better.

  5. tacogirl says:

    I am sure you will at some point. Was just chatting on coconut phone tonight with Monel about how lucky they are for late night food options living there.

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