Volunteer Belize

Volunteering in the Village of Patchakan Belize

Lauren Mitnik from Annette Merlino DMD, Gentle Family Dentistry contacted me about a group volunteer vacation that provided much needed dental treatment at the Presbyterian Medical Clinic in the village of Patchakan Belize. Four of them came to volunteer in Belize from Pennsylvania. Dentist Dr. Annette Merlino, a hygienist Matthew Banichar, two assistants – Jessica Rice and Lauren Mitnik. Dr. Merlino goes on several mission trips yearly and has traveled all over the world. Most of the rest of the team have been to Belize before and worked at the Presbyterian Medical Clinic previously as well. Along with giving people brighter smiles and good health through dental hygiene, hairstylist Lisa Rickus was also a part of the volunteer group.  Lisa taught interested local individuals how to cut hair.

Lauren‘s thoughts on volunteering in the village of Patchakan Belize

The people were warm and inviting.  We had the opportunity to help some people get out of pain they were in and evangelize with the local communities over the Easter holiday.  I feel these were the most rewarding aspects of the trip.  The staff that we worked with were genuine and caring.  The experience was amazing and of course, the land and water are beautiful!  We were also able to see old friends from previous trips and make many new friends with whom we hope to be able to visit again soon. Overall, we LOVE LOVE LOVE coming to Belize and we look forward to arranging our next trip! Lauren Mitnik

things to do in belize
Volunteering in the village of Patchakan
volunteer belize
Helping people get dental work to maintain good health
things to do in belize
Volunteer group from Dentistry group from Leechburg, PA
Volunteer Belize
Helping residents from the village of Patchakan Belize get dental care

Volunteer Belize

If you would like to volunteer and need help to get set, up please contact info.brcsp@gmail[dot]com
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