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They Came, They Ate and We Raised Some Funds


Rule number one of party planning and fundraising events, there are no guarantees and always have a plan B. Thankfully many people are in favor of the San Pedro Belize Red Cross and we raised $1338 from ticket sales and donations at our Wednesday night fundraiser dinner at El Patio. It was a perfectly timed event in order for us to celebrate World Red Cross Red Crescent day, which honors the birth of the Founder Henry Dunant (May 8, 1928). All money raised will go towards helping sustain our organization and the work we do within the community.

With the much anticipated First Aid Instructor’s training finally being scheduled by our Headquarters in Belize City, one of the biggest items on our plate is to secure a big building so we can hold FA/CPR courses in our own facility rather than always having to find a location…. not that we don’t appreciate all the places where we have held trainings, especially the consistent and often last minute arrangements with Banana Beach Resort who donate the use of the upstairs at El Divino, but it will be so great when we have a place to call “our own”. A few people know, I have a movie that continuously plays in my head of how it will be and all the community activities we will be able to do there as well. 🙂

The evening turned out to be well attended and low key. Unfortunately our DJ had to cancel so our plans for dancing did not quite happen but plan B, Shirlee and I kicked into action and got a nice dinner song list made up.

The dinner was a 3 course meal starting with Jalapeno poppers, then onto shrimp beef and chicken skewers with loaded baked potato and veggies on the side. Flan drizzled with chocolate sauce was the dessert.

Thanks to all who attended the dinner and Tropic Air, Victoria House Resort and Simon Quan for their donation of raffle prizes.

If you want to know more about El Patio as a restaurant option check out their 171 Reviews from TripAdvisor Belize forum.

belize red cross

SPBRC volunteers tacogirl, Mike and Shirlee. picture courtesy of Brent Doig

belize red cross

Great turnout for dinner

belize red cross

My BRC logo decorated fan was a big hit. Aimee is also a fan girl and had hers too

volunteer belize

Our Chairman Eiden and Treasure Frank’s table

 volunteer belize

Stuffed Jalapeno poppers

volunteer belize

Chicken, beef and shrimp skewers

volunteer belize

Flan for dessert

belize red cross

Teacher Lisa, Shirlee (Secretary) and Anthony (Vice-Chairman)

volunteer belize

Shirlee, Anthony and raffle prize winner Mawags

volunteer belize

Raising money for a great cause

 Volunteer with Belize Red Cross

If you would like to volunteer please contact info.brcsp@gmail[dot]com
Please like us on Facebook: San Pedro Belize Red Cross, to show support and stay informed.


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