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Very Funny Belize Airport Customs Story

I was really grateful that the TJ Walker middle school kids had started our fundraiser off with a good chunk of change from their coin war, so I decided to make them a tacogirl style trophy. Red Fanta and tacos with a Belize Red Cross Sticker on the bottle as a reminder of where the money went.

I was not able to get it done in time for the fundraiser due to the new tube of crazy glue tacoboy bought me was rock solid. I got some more glue the other day, finished the trophy and dropped it off for Deb and Dan Swanson at the Conch Shell Inn.  They were on a day trip to Caye Caulker and leaving the following morning, so I never did get a chance to catch up with them to see what they thought of my crazy craft project.

This morning I got a very funny email about their Belize airport customs adventure with my taco trophy.

I have to tell you our adventure with your trophy.  We have carry- on luggage only so I drank the Fanta so we could put it in the trophy.  I had to take the taco off first and planned to re-glue it later.  Then we got to the airport and they took the empty bottle away  for some reason.  Then I almost lost the foam taco.  A security guy asked me if I was carrying a taco in my luggage.  I had to explain that it was fake.  At least we got the taco home and a picture.  We will bring the picture to school. Again, it was nice to meet you.  Thanks for all you are doing for the Red Cross.

Sincerely, Dan and Deb Swanson

I am not sure they found this quite as funny as tacoboy and I did but the Swanson were definitely good natured about it.

belize red cross
taco trophy for TJ Walker Middle School kids

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