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Get Zen at Exotic Caye Yoga Classes

I have always admired the skill and flexibility of those that practice yoga, I tried a few classes back in Canada and have done yoga in Belize twice. While I can honestly say it is not my thing, I can see why people would choose this form of exercise.

Yoga is an ancient practice that has been done for more than 5,000 years, and millions of people world wide enjoy it’s health benefits daily.  Yoga brings together both physical and mental to help achieve peace in mind, body and spirit. May see it as a perfect way to reconnect with the balance that we were all born with.

Think about it as babies we were all natural yogis, we were able to pull our feet up by our head and all had  great flexibility. As we grew older and life got more demanding most of us lost that flexibility. This also proves the old saying if you don’t use it you loose it.

Here are some benefits you will get by adding yoga into your life:
Improved flexibility
Increased strength
Better muscle tone
Deeper concentration
Straighter posture
Regulated breathing
Weight loss
Pain prevention
Natural management of chronic health conditions

But wait there’s more, by practicing yoga regularly you will also find:
Increased mental calmness
Stress and anxiety reduction
More body awareness

If you are still not convinced I asked Ruthie for a review as she has been taking Tara’s class regularly and here is what she had to say…

I am doing yoga with Tara and am so very pleased with her style.  After suffering a separated shoulder (not from yoga) a few months ago, I am finally able to practice yoga again.  I so happy that I found Tara at Exotic Caye, she is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable.  However, what impresses me most with Tara is her ability to tailor her classes to flow in a way that all participants of each particular class, on any given day, can truly benefit.  Not an easy task when most classes will include folks that
can be new to yoga, quite accomplished, young or…perhaps a little more mature 😉    I am already feeling so much better physically and mentally thanks to Tara’s calm, reassuring and yet challenging style.

I recently attended a couple of sessions at Exotic Caye to see what their classes were like. One had a guest teacher and the other was with regular teacher Tara Darrall. Both teachers were very good from what I saw. They made sure new students were welcomed and walked around the room taking note of peoples posture and gently guiding them to the correct position or a deeper stretch. The yoga room  has aircon, water cooler [bring own drinking container] and a fantastic view. Whether you are here on vacation and looking to reconnect with yourself, or live here full time and want to add more zen time to your life, give Exotic Caye Resort Yoga classes a try you will be glad you did.

Located just south of San Pedro town the resort is easy to find and don’t forget to find them on facebook. For more information on daily yoga classes at Exotic Caye call 226-4749 or 226-2870 or go to Exotic Caye Beach Resort website.

If you are like me in your research and do not stop at the first review,  you can check out Exotic Caye Resort: New Daily Yoga & Always A Great Beach Bar by San Pedro Scoop and  Dorian’s Angels  “Yogi” for a day! by Ambergris Today. They both attended the second class and has some good things to say.

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Daily Yoga Classes at Exotic Caye Resort
yoga belize
Yoga studio at Exotic Caye
yoga vacation
Yoga House Rules
yoga centers
Teacher gently pressing student into deeper stretch
yoga retreat belize
Increased flexibility
yoga vacation
Better Balance
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Yoga Class in Belize
yoga studio
View from the yoga studio
belize yoga resort
Breathing peacefully
belize beach resort
Yoga class at Exotic Caye Resort
yoga retreat belize
Tara helping student with posture
yoga vacation
Big stretch
yoga belize
Shoulder and back stretch
yoga retreats belize
Standing tall and reaching for the sky
belize yoga resort
Tabletop back
belize yoga resort
Downward dog

belize beach resortWhere you would find me during class – on the beach at Exotic Caye


belize yoga resort

yoga retreat belize
Yoga Class Descriptions 2012


4 thoughts on “Get Zen at Exotic Caye Yoga Classes

  1. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    I can’t really say too much about yoga as all of my attempts have ended badly and I know that Krazy K (Kelly E) would open hand slap me but hey it works for some folks. Personally if God ment for you to stare at your own butt then he would have made that happen when he created us!

    Yep someone is going to stomp my Chi so I better sign off.

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