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The first meeting of Verde took place today at Island Perk.

There were two main agenda’s being talked about at the Verde meeting first the idea of school yard gardens. This would help beautify things for the kids, be educational in teaching them about agriculture and for schools like Holy Cross could help to sustain the feeding program.

The second was to beautify the town and make already existing planters look lush. This will also help combat all the concrete with a little more greenery and make San Pedro even more beautiful.

As group around introducing themselves, people shared their experience with gardening. There was a wide range, everything from people who grew up with victory gardens others who grew up on farms and the Niagara Fruit belt. When it was my turn I had to fess up that I was not really a green thumb and just there to support Coleen, as well as being interested in fresh vegetables.

It figures that kra-z-k put me in charge of the cutting she won at the meeting while she is away and she expects to come back to a healthy green ready to plant thing ha ha.

Everyone shared a desire to learn more about how to properly compost and we all agreed there is much to learn from each other about what items will grow in different areas of Ambergris Caye. So far people have said that sweet potatoes, bannanas, beans, tomatoes , plantains, cucumber, cantaloupe, line, nuts and avocado have all been done successfully in various areas on the island.

Among the people who came for the meeting was Valentine from Coral Reef Alliance. I met him via email after he read about my recycling initiative with the kids. He wrote me back and explained about Kids in Action and how the 2 areas tie in with one another. When I told him about Verde he was interested to come – we both agreed all three are areas are connected and can work together.

First Verde meeting

Decided to give Hideaway trivia night a try.
How it worked was we split up into teams – ended up being pairs this time around. Scott did six rounds of questions with 10 questions per round. After each round we all exchanged cards to score each other. During the first round a few of us were needing a trivia for dummies book ha ha. Scott said he was easing us into it.

Here are a couple of good questions from tonight. Answers will be posted after last picture.

1. Recycling 1 glass bottle saves enough electricity to run a 100 watt bulb for how many hours?

2. What product made from coconut shell is the odor absorbing agent in odor eating shoe liners?

Walter and Zac

Derrick and Walter

Walter ordering late night snack

Yum chicken at the park

Walter serving it up at Miss Leila’s (sp?) taco stand – our favorite tacos

Answers to trivia questions.

1. Four hours
2. Activated charcoal

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  1. travelqueen says:

    Walter is awesome! Looks like y’all had fun!

    Glad there is a “green group” getting to share ideas. That’s awesome!!

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