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Parade day

Today is the big day my first official parade. Just for word through Kirsten that Isla Bonita school will be at the parade – very exciting.

Sending a big shout out to the folks at Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services
Sue M sent me 5 lesson plan pdf files and a document of websites with some good information and downloadable materials for me to check out. I will be making these available in some form to all schools who would like a copy preferably via email or by flash drive directly to school computers. I am very grateful for any and all help – so much to learn in this area.

Was chatting belizegail and purdygrl in mini chat this morning.

belizegail mentioned she was getting ready to go up to Hope Creek with some donated supplies and that the the greatest need is for kids stuff right now. Items such as kids clothing, baby formula, hygiene stuff, baby diapers. You can drop donations off at the Lion’s Den in town today – items are being delivered tomorrow.

Isla Bonita and Holy Cross kids marched through town with artistic hand made signs. Both schools were enthusiastic and made lot’s noise to let people know they are serious about reusing recycling and keeping Ambergris Caye clean.

To see more pictures please go to Holy Cross Belize blog

Pauls flyer

Isla Bonita kids for recycling

Kids from Holy cross and Isla Bonita

Kirsten talking to the kids about why we need to reuse and recycle

Kirsten talking to the kids – notice her red 1 liter sigg reusable water bottle

Lining up to start the parade

Kids made great signs

Please keep la Isla Bonita clean

Happy kids

Great signs

Isla Bonita kids

Heading down the parade route

Holy Cross kids

Stopping traffic

Kids spreading the message

Middle street

Heading back to central park

Holy Cross kids

Back at central park


Girls with signs

Found a hungry kitten on the way home

Poor thing – Paul just took kitten to Saga to get fixed up

4 thoughts on “Parade day

  1. travelqueen says:

    Ha ah ha! I have to admit, was thinking both those things. First that Paul got a SHORT hair cut and that it makes him look super young!

    Great deal on the recyling! I love it!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Yes he did Carbunkle – everyone is saying how much younger he looks which I totally get to cash in on being the older of us ha ha.

    Thanks Michele please feel free to have that teacher contact me if she is interested. Yes hot sunny and dry perfect beach weather. Hope you are all doing well.

  3. Michele in Playa says:

    Great work Laurie *insert clapping emoticon here* I have posted a link to this post and to your blog on for a teacher in Massachusetts who is doing a project with her students about recycling efforts all over the world!! Looks like a wonderful (and mercifully dry) day.

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