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Up before the Sun

One reason would be am up before the Sun is that Capt Jeff is in town – We are having a fishing day with Abel today.

Chatting Jo on coconut phone and getting ready, time moving a bit fast I can tell by the light in the sky I better bust a move have to call Capt Jeff at 5:45 am.

The water was smooth and our lines were tight. We could not ask for a better day on the water. Fished 3 spots with the first and third being the best – caught yellow tail, mutton and mangrove snapper. Jeff caught a jack and a mackerel – we had to throw the groupers back they were not quote old enough to keep.

Abel taught is that if your line is twisted and stops the reel from turning smoothly – take you hook and weight off let your line out when the boat is moving and it will straighten your line. Next time I see Capt Jeff I will have to ask him how well it worked.

Off we go

On a sardine hunt

Bone fishing

Abel throwing sardine net

Gorgeous day

Boating through the mangroves

Heading to first fishing spot

Caught a big one


Abel taking the hook out

Fishing with Abel

Capt Jeff and Abel

Heading for home

A jack and a mackerel

Days catch

Capt Jeff

Abel doing up fillets

4 thoughts on “Up before the Sun

  1. tacogirl says:

    Love to cook fish Mary.

    lovethanks was a gorgeous day and experience – I feel so lucky to live this life.

    Michele it was delish nothing like fresh fish. will do on yard progress.

  2. Michele in Playa says:

    I could use a day on the water. Your catch look delish! How about some pics of your yard in progress?!

  3. lovethanks says:

    A day of fishing, and a beautiful day at that! Oh, what a life you lead. One day I tell you, one day. Glad you enjoyed!


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