San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Never say never

I never thought I would get so into to news but I am starting to find that the information highway has been slowly filling my head with “blogger news” for a while now and I can’t deny it anymore. With sights like Upstart Blogger and Daily Blog Tips leading me to articles like Who do Rockstar Bloggers host with? Which in turn led me to the Technorati site to find out where the to find out where the top 100 blogs are by their ranking – there is usually a click worthy site on everyones page – it never ends. I even customized my links bar to include the sites I have been checking daily.

I have been enjoying with my informational finds and at the same time thinking oh no more cool blogs to read when will I find the time and I haven’t even organized my blog bookmarks section like I have been wanting to do and DCG is arriving Friday and I am getting excited planning things – Sweet Jane and Bruce and crew Saturday not to mention Capt Jeff is already here. So much going on right now and I am not willing to give up afternoon naps to fit it all in.

Chatting Jo again on coconut phone – she is on vacation for a week and we are both futzing around on our blogs. She is playing around with color change on her Direct Abundance blog and I added a pic of tacos for my profile pic.

Capt Jeff just called I am going to go to town meet them at the dock and take a few pics of todays catch. They caught a reef snapper a barracuda and a bull shark which they let go. Just enough time to do 2 more quick beach runs for driftwood get cleaned up and walk to town – maybe I will get lucky and hitch a ride.

Got totally hijacked by Capt Jeff after taking fish pics at the dock we stopped by our house to so I could put my barracuda fillets in the fridge, went back to his place to do same, dropped off yesterdays mackerel and jack to Maya, went back to town to meet Steve for lunch at tackle box then went to perk for coffee and here I am.

A bit sad right now my Samsung L85 camera is sick – when I press power the zoom does not open and it makes a sad beeping sound. I think either some sand got in there or it was affected by salt air. Cindy Zac and Protech Peter all have same one and love it just as much as I do – so far so good for them I am the only one who is having troubles. I bought a can of spray duster to clean it out (if I can get it open) not sure what I will do if I can’t get it working again – it’s not like I can just go to Best Buy or Future Shop and shop for a new one.

I will leave you with a few pictures of this mornings sunrise. Was up early walking on the beach collect a few more treasures for my labyrinth – found some nice driftwood still looking for more conch shells to fill it in.

San Pedro sunrise

Gong to be a gorgeous day


Tuesday morning sunrise

Looking south

So peaceful



Capt Jeff and Steve with their days catch

Capt Jeff holding up Reef snapper

Dock at Mayan Princess

Days catch

One big fish

Scaling the fish

Capt Abel filleting reef snapper


Watching Capt Abel filleting reef snapper

Capt Abel doing barracuda fillets

4 thoughts on “Never say never

  1. tacogirl says:

    Yw kw

    Thanks Bill and Becky – always a pleasure to astound you, as San Pedro astounds me daily.

    Anon will definitly consider that option for Feb.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think the universe is telling you that it is time to buy the olympus underwater camera!i’m coming in feb and could bring it to you.just something to tink bout…

  3. Anonymous says:

    as usual Laurie you astound us with your beautiful pictures and envy your wonderful life.
    Bill & Becky

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