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Coffee break

This morning I decided to make a labyrinth in our yard.

Paul and I have walked replicas of the Chartres one a few times – a couple were made on a big canvas and laid out on the floor and that I really enjoyed one was out in the country hidden on a hill top amongst what ever was growing there. I have always wanted my own and instead of waiting to make a replica, of the Chartres one I got inspired by Stacy and decided to stop waiting and just do it – she is making one at Arnie’s place. After a quick walk around the yard and making a small pile of things to use, I headed down to the beach to collect conch shells, coconuts, stones and driftwood.

My plastic bolsa bag got filled up very fast so much so that I was quite happy when a man on his bike stopped to help me bring it back home.

Wow that was a lot of work – I got a good chunk done about 3 rows, might add one more and still have some filling in to do when I find more conch shells and interesting things on the beach. Will post pics of it in a few days.

Time to head to Catamaran – going to meet Dutch today. Capt Jeff will be there as well, he just got back to town.

Sara – I did not bring my camera today so Walter asked me if I would write you a hello and let you know he is missing you. He is getting all excited about your next visit. We all had a fun time and the bbq was delicious.

Charters design

3 thoughts on “Coffee break

  1. tacogirl says:

    Anon that is cool you and your son made one in AZ from river rock. Hope my blog is helpful to you in learning more about Belize.

    Pics coming Miclele

  2. Anonymous says:

    I learned of your blog through Sapphire Beach Development. Thought I would check it out. I too took a liking to labyrinths. My son and I constructed one in our yard here in Arizona out of river rock. I love it. Good luck with yours. I am intersted in learning more about Belize and enjoying the area.

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