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Dare to Dream

Colette, Ruby (who is hosting the event) and Lara all asked me to go to the Dare to Dream workshop today. Since I am a big fan of dreaming (and afternoon naps ha ha) I decided I might as well check it out. After all it was my day dreaming that got me here in the first place – it couldn’t hurt to start exploring a little more on what comes next.

8:14 am the sky just threw down a hard rain – long enough for us rush around the house closing all the windows and now the sun is back out again.

11:43 pm Eating a sandwich so my stomach does not grumble while Ruby is talking. Stacy just called and said she is coming as well – I wonder who else will be there?

12:05 pm Just got text from Lara she is on her way to pick me up got to run.

Much later….

I had a 6 degrees of separation moment even before the work shop started. Turns out the woman sitting beside me Lisa was Hannah’s teacher and Bonnie had been trying to help get is in contact before she left regarding the recycling parade but it never quite happened – her husband Antony is all about a clean San Pedro and wanting to get a working recycling program here how cool is that?

While waiting for the second boat to arrive, we talked about the importance of Mayan Culture and how fortunate we all were to be living on the island.

Ruby is an interesting story teller and I quite enjoyed hearing about her life in India and what led her to this moment in time. She had a lot of good thoughts to share and while she was leading the work shop, it felt more like a round table discussion as she encouraged us to step in speak when we felt the urge. She also did what she calls visions where she had us close our eyes and she talked us through a short vision and had us speak about how we felt afterwards. The first one I became aware tension spots in my body and just focused my breathing to release them the second one my mind was full of chatter and I found it hard to pay attention to what Ruby was saying.

Here are some notes I made over the course of the afternoon…

Realigning your self to be more conscious of what is happening in your life.

Capture what your dreams are and tap into the power in which they manifest.

Discover Who is the dreamer. ( I am still discovering and have learned so much about myself since we moved here)

If you do not have the force behind your dreams they will just remain ideas.

Look at the distance between where you are today and what you want while eliminating stress in your life. Removing the stress factor makes it much easier on many levels. (I would add in removing resistance too as generally I am pretty low stress but I know in some areas there is definitly resistance to be removed)

If you ask yourself better quality questions, you ill get better answers. Better answers = more useful information to work with.

Tap into your own authenticity and your genius – use this intelligence to create your world.

Look at who you are at soul level. All dreams and desires come from Soul level.

Many of us are operating on conditioned intelligence, external stimulus information, other peoples perceptions and or belief patterns none of which has anything to do with who we really are – it is just fiction.

Our first thought is inspired our second though tends to come from conditioned intelligence. Go with your first thought.

We are all one of a kind The universe sets you up to write your own script but not enough people do so because they are operating on conditioned intelligence. we are born to express ourselves. When you let your soul release itself, anything is possible. People loose their power in stress/resistance. When you cannot feel your power you can create lack energy in your life.

The same song may be playing for everyone but you get to choose how you want to dance.

Enjoy your uniqueness and freedom. Very few people live 100%

Our friends reflect who we are that is why we choose them.

Mentors are landmarks and signposts along the way.

Be inspired. Be who you are. Create your life with awareness. Be 100% of yourself.

What can I do? How can I be my best?

Analyze your dream…
At this point Ruby went around the table and had a couple of people talk about dreams and how to release the stress so they could create them.

My dream (one of many) – optimal health – I see that as the beginning point of all success and a great way to enhance my creativity. I am definitly aiming for a Lifestyle – I want the total package.

Simple exercise…

Place your dream in front of yourself – see it.
How does it feel?
Connect to the physical and emotional aspects of your dream.
Feel it the way you want it to be.
Remember your uniqueness.

After the workshop Ruby asked if anyone had any questions and a few of us chimed in with “when is th next one” It was clear we all enjoyed getting together and talking on a deeper level and it is something we need to do more often.

We headed back to town on the pontoon boat and Lara gave me a lift home. It had cooled down a bit and she was off to a beach party so she came in to get a jacket and chat for a while. We sat on the downstairs veranda and talked about the work shop and this and that, then we moved to the upstairs one to chat with Paul and watch the full moon come up over the water. After she left I sat outside a while longer staring at the moon then I decided the best way to continue processing the day was laying in bed watching family guy and drifting off to sleep – it was a perfect end to a great day.

Thanks to Mary at San Pedro Sun for sending this e-flyer for me to post

4 thoughts on “Dare to Dream

  1. tacogirl says:

    Anon sounds good – a group of people is always fun to bounce thoughts and ideas off each other.

    Peace rump.

    mikeywaz was a great time – you picked a good fav.

  2. Mikeywaz says:

    Wow! Must have been a fascinating seminar. What great insights. This is one of my favorites you listed: “Our first thought is inspired our second thought tends to come from conditioned intelligence. Go with your first thought.”

    Keep on dreaming!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing the Dare to Dream workshop experience. I think I’ll try to get a group in my town together.

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