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It’s like this…

You would think that if you had a down power line the electric company would would come out and fix it. Not necessarily so.

The power line has been down from the pole outside our yard for a while now. We figured that may be the cause our lights dimming and going bright and Rick losing 4 power bars – Stacy 2 – us 1 and a router. Luckily all our computers remained safe and sound.

We took turns calling the power company and they finally got around to coming to see what the trouble was. Rick happened to be the one home at the time and he said after inspecting the down line, they told him they would come shut the power off and we could get an electrician to come and fix it and then they would turn the power on again. When I heard that I was definitly thinking what the fudge?? Rick and I had a good laugh – to tell the truth neither of us was surprised.

We called in Handy Man Eddie to the rescue. He came by yesterday night after we had returned from Belize City and helped sort us out. He said that the drooping wires were quite likely the cause of our electric troubles. If I remember right he mentioned it was causing a problem with the neutral wire. Eddie and his helper were able to do a temporary fix and secure the fallen white pole to the wooden one and make the wires less droopy.

Afterwards he came in and checked our sockets power bars and stove for us. Apparently the motherboard in the stove was affected by this so we do not have an oven and we cannot get a new mother board here – it has to be brought in from another country Eddie said.

When we were done chatting about the stove, Eddie got on topic of my giant avocados which were sitting on the counter to ripen. He said they were called butter pears and talked about how much he enjoyed them – I told him how excited I was to find them at such a good price and Paul laughed at the two of us carrying on. After hearing how much he liked butter pears, I had to offer Eddie one and of course he happily accepted.

Cost to have the work done $100 bzd. Did it help – you bet the none of the lights were acting up last night.

Drilling holes in the post

Handyman Eddie

Wires down

Fixing our electric trobles

Using rope to hoist everything up

Almost there

Wires are a lot straighter than they were

Attaching everything to the post

With a red wire

Finished product

Wires not as loose as they were and definitly secured tighter to the pole

2 thoughts on “It’s like this…

  1. tacogirl says:

    Anon thanks for your interest. You can be so brave. For me it was a question of finding the life I was meant to be living because I know the one I was in was not where I was supposed to be.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just pulled out my Island’s magazine from last month and read the article about your move….will continue to read your blog…wish I were as brave as you. Love the beach, the ocean and relaxing way of life they afford…

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