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Twitter Perspective

Thanks to Dorian he sure put  things in perspective for me today. I have been here thinking about how dizzy I am feeling – been trying to fight off a cold or flu since Sunday.  Saw Dorian’s twitter about the Prime Minister of Belize being diagnosed Dengue and followed link back to Ambergris Today Blog to find out the scoop. Made me realize that what I am feeling is not so bad by comparison.

I just got word from Tamara at San Pedro Sun newspaper and in addition to printing the winning entries for Beloved Belize Writing Contest in the San Pedro Sun News paper they have offered up a 6 month subscription as a prize. Pedro’s and Pirates have also donated Pizza so not only will the winners be well read they will also have a full belly.

View while eating lunch today.


  1. BB I have head too that the second time around can be very fatal. As far as I know there is more than one kind of Dengue so maybe that is a factor as well depending on which kind you get.

  2. I thought Dengue twice was always fatal?

  3. I think she may have got it at walmart in the pez isle Monel ha ha.

  4. Tell me that you didn’t get it in Playa Michele 😉

  5. Twice wow hope you never have to go through it again.

  6. I have had dengue twice. I feel for him!

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