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New Improved tacogirl


When ever Paul redoes a website for me it seems to happen close to my birthday so it is no surprise that the style change we had been planning in May has come together in September. After seeing it up and playing around with new options I can definitely say It was worth the wait and I am very pleased with my new look – I hope you all like it too.

Some of the highlights are …
New and improved search function
Date and weather
Share buttons
Faster loading especially for those of us slower internet connections.

Birthday shout out to Sev – due to preparing for the launch of my new look it was 3:30 am last night when I was finally getting yesterdays post actually posted and I forgot to add it then.

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  1. tacogirl September 29, 2009

    Thanks Michele – Ruthie and Amy – glad you all like it.

  2. Amy September 29, 2009

    Hey TG it took me all of 2 seconds to know this was a great idea. Love the layout and can’t wait to see it daily. Great job TB.

  3. Ruthie September 29, 2009

    Love the new look. I’m proud of you to keep on moving and changing with the times!

  4. Michele in Playa September 29, 2009

    Love the new look and functionality!! Nice work!!


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