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Living in Belize

Social Day


What a social day at the tacoshack. Jack and  Mitch stopped by this morning – Jack was checking the new boat and Mitch popped in to chat a bit and to see if we needed anything at the store.  Next were  Molly and Cindy for a quick hello. Then Lara came to hang out for a bit this aft with her netbook  and Carole popped me on the coconut phone to and said her and Dick would pop by with some vitamin c for me. It was good timing on Carole’s part because Lara was cleaning out her closet and brought over a big box of girly stuff to give away.

Everyone but Lara is gone now so I will get back to my writing – been working on a top ten list on fundraising ideas  for La Vida Idealist.

I came across a travel related writing contest  that I thought worth sharing – Tripbase.com is offering you the chance to put your creative writing skills to the test in our latest competition, with prizes of up to $1,000 up for grabs (not to mention the associated prestige of winning)! To participate visit the creative writing competition page on Tripbase.com and follow the instructions you find there.

Checking on the boat

Jack and Jeff's boat


  1. tacogirl September 30, 2009

    Ha Ha Ruthie you totally cracked me up with that comment.

  2. Ruthie September 30, 2009

    I swear TB almost makes smoking look good!


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