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Tuesday Morning Produce Market and Yancey de Veer Singing Lyin’ Mayans

Selection and quality are two good reasons to try the Tuesday morning market on the lagoon. I will say the pricing is not always cheaper, but it is still worth going. You will never know what you’ll find and the produce is nice and fresh for the most part. 

This week they had a good mix of fruits and vegetables. I got a big cauliflower for $10.50 sold by weight at $3.50 BZD a pound. Mary’s cilantro was $1.00 cheaper than she paid in town last week and very fresh. The thing that caught my eye the most was a box filled with plastic containers of juicy looking strawberries – I knew they would be pricey and at $13.00 BZD, I was right.

belize shopping
Fresh fruit and vegetables come in from Belize City by boat every Tuesday morning
ambergris caye fruit market
Fruit and vegetable market every Tuesday morning
belize shopping
Tuesday morning market on lagoon side of the island
belize fruit
Fresh fruit
vegetables in belize
Very large cabbage
ambergris caye belize fruit market
Lots of fruit and vegetable choice
buying fruits and vegetables in belize
Fresh cilantro and watermelon
apple bananas belize
A great place to find apple bananas
belize shopping
We were not the only ones shopping for fresh produce
buying fruits and vegetables on ambergris caye at the tuesday morning market
I was almost temped to buy a container of $13 BZD strawberries

I just found out from Yancey’s lovely wife Gretchen that they are staying another week, so he will be playing on Friday at Pedro’s and Sunday afternoon for the grand re-opening of Caribbean Villas Beach Bar, on Jan 19th. A fulfilled mix of classic rock, folk music, and cowboy songs, Yancey De Veer is worth seeing.

I am including Yancey singing Lyin’ Mayans at tacoboys request, as that was the one song he said he hoped I had got good video footage of from when he played at Fido’s on Sunday.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Produce Market and Yancey de Veer Singing Lyin’ Mayans

  1. Ben Rodeck says:

    I live in Deadwood & loved dancing to Yancey, does anyone know if he has any plans to return or where I could go to see him again?

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