Last Hurrah at BC’s Beach Bar

by tacogirl
bc's beach bar belize

Last night marked the end of an era; BC’s beach bar final night in it’s current location. I was planning to go with Mary, but bad weather had her deciding to cancel. I texted tacoboy for a plan B option and he was willing to stop by and get me from the land of lakes when he was done work. We agreed we would go for one drink and call it a night.

It was pretty packed when we got there, and of course we decided to stay longer than planned to enjoy everyone’s company and remember all the good times spent there. One of my favorites was the Gringo’s Gone Wild party that Charlene agreed I could host. We packed the house that day, so many good pics of the message board gang in that post. As I was looking it up, I even found the old 10 page thread about the party on

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I got lucky on Sunday and Charlene had fresh coconut water, so I got a coco berry – yummy.

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I will leave you with a little history of the popular beach bar and a second photo gallery from this past Sunday, both by Roceli Munoz.

BC’s Beach Bar and BBQ

“BC’s” stands for Bruce and Charlene who started the business 20 years ago. Established in 1994, they were located at Mata Rocks for a year, then Coconuts for three, and then right on the beach across from Tropic Air for the last 16 years. Being in such close proximity to the San Pedro airport made it a very popular spot for travelers and people could often be found saying their island good byes at the beach bar. As I spoke to Ms.Charlene, she mentioned the word blessed at least five times, because she felt they were very blessed with the amount of years at their last location. They had only planned to spend 3 years there and then relocate; they were used to moving so it wasn’t a problem for them. But as the years went by, BC’s remained there and with the continued support of their customers and surrounding businesses, it managed to stay there much longer. BC’s will relocate again but Ms.Charlene does not know where as yet. You can be sure wherever they end up, BC’s hospitality and kindness will go with them. Even if it’s at either end of the island, their many loyal customers will always return.

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Walter Piazzo June 19, 2015 - 6:37 am

Did Bruce & Charlene open elsewhere ? Thx

tacogirl June 19, 2015 - 6:40 am

They have not Walter. Definitely earned some down time after all those years.


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