San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Tropic Air Corozal to San Pedro

There’s no place like home

On our way home from taking Flat Stanley to Mexico, we stopped at Corozal for the night. Our hotel was nice. It had wide hallways – room was decent – comfortable bed – they scored points on giving us 4 pillows instead of 2 – shower could use some new grout work, but the view made up for it – TV had way more channels than we get in San Pedro and our cable is pretty good compared to what we had in Canada. If you’re a TV addict, living in Belize is great because you get tonnes of channels for dirt cheap.

I could not help waking up at 5:30 am – so glad we had a room on the water, sunrise to the left and the moon was still out. It was nice watching a small part of waterfront Corozal slowly wake up. Saw lots of people walking for their morning exercise (some faster than others). It was not long before the fisherman came with coolers and started selling – one had a big jack but I did not get a pic of it.

After a while I saw 2 guys on a bench drinking coffee, so I got dressed and went off in search. Did not have to go far – I spotted the coffee pot in the lobby. Fixed a couple of cups for Paul and I to enjoy while we watched tv in bed.

Ravey picked us up to catch the the 7:30 am Tropic Air Corozal to San Pedro. Usually when we take the puddle jumper – I am either taking pictures or have my eyes glued to the water hoping to see big fish. Today was really clear and I saw 2 – I think one was a shark.

Soon as we got back to San Pedro and dropped off our things we headed right to Island Perk for a frappe yum. Stopped at Coral Beach Realty on the way home to ask Fred’s help in getting some Cinco De Mayo donations to Wet Willy’s tomorrow.

10:47 pm
Went to Pedro’s tonight – lots of people were there – Carole – Dick – Richard – AndiLee (working) Scottish JD – Beth – Sharron – Audrey – Cindy – Paul. I came home early with Carole and left Paul there. Was glad for the opportunity to upload more pics at night while it is faster.

Full moon still out while sun was rising

To the left out or window

To the right out our window

Park across the street

Snack bike

Selling fish in the park – playing with sunrise setting on camera

Watching spongebob squarepants with my friends

Fish parts all lined up

Rinsing off

Paul pointing out our room at Mirador to Ravey

Flat Stanley and I waiting for plane

Flat Stanley and I at Corozal airport

Flat Stanley

Paul walking to plane

Tropic Air 7:30 flight to San Pedro

Corozal air shot

Interesting design

Heading back to San Pedro


Almost there

A few of the gang at Pedro’s

Flat Stanley and Walter

Flat Stanley ringing the bell

Walter Flat Stanley Carole

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  1. travelqueen says:

    LMAO! You were in bed with Flat Stanley AND Austin… busted!!!!

    Looks like a lovely room!

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