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Playa Lounge – Grand Opening

Well, tacoblog aficionados, we have a little something different today. actually, a LOT something different. Last night, Playa Lounge had a soft grand opening. For those that don’t know, a soft opening is when there isnt a lot of press, just a little quiet “we are open” sorta opening. But, this is San Pedro, and we are really good at “go big or go home”….last nights soft opening was no different.

Playa Lounge is located across from the Tacklebox and Caye Caulker Water Taxi, in the former Cannibals space. Not that you could tell…it looks NOTHING like it used to. Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t work, and no one else brought a camera, so pics are coming. In the meantime, I’ll describe the scene:

Everyone who is anyone was there, all swank and dressed just as cute as can be. Throughout the night, which started at 5 pm and didn’t end till after 1am (shhhh don’t tell town council!), at least 150 people stopped in. Pedro, Kathy from Beachin Kitchen, Becky from Tacklebox, Fred from Coral Beach Realty, Jules, Tazmara, Amy and Chuck with both babies (one in the belly, one on the beach) from Wild Mangos, Chris from Blue Water Grill, and a host of other lovely and colorful San Pedro residents and tourists drank and ate awesome food created by Dave the Chef.

The space inside is absolutely amazing. Alana Sullivan, Interior Designer, created the interior space from furniture design and placement, to concept design, lighting and fabric selection. See, the thing is, its all a bunch of comfy sofas with overstuffed pillows, SUPER cool chairs, and little tables that all fit together to make this circly moon designs.

The colors are warm and rich, and its just soooooooo easy to kick off your shoes, dig your toes in the sand, then curl up in a corner whilst chatting with a friend and drinking your cocktail…which is provided by really sweet and very eager staff. Its the kind of place where you know you are gonna wanna spend a lot of time…i suggested they put lockers in so i could keep a blankie and fuzzy slippers in there for when i get snuggled up to watch movies. yip, movies.

Playa Lounge has a projector that shines onto an enormous wall. There are speakers under the built in sofas all around the place, so movie night is going to be MUST do….and I don’t care what night it is…hell, I don’t care what movie it is!

The thing is this…when people heard that a martini lounge was opening, there was some concern among some locals that it was going to be too sheee sheee for the island. Ya know what, it wasn’t. it COULDN’T be! What it is is this….its a big ole living room. And everyone is welcome to sit and chat. Its comfortable for everyone cause its HERE….it is still San pedro, and it is still Belize, and it is still amazing and beautiful. And now, its amazing and beautiful with stylish comfy oversized pillows.

By Lara Goldman

3 thoughts on “Playa Lounge – Grand Opening

  1. tacogirl says:

    flo sounds like you had a great time – Playa Lounge is a great place to chill

    alco ask away just email me what it is you would like to know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great blog! I am coming to Belize in August 2008 – would like to relocate there at some point – and would like to ask you some questions if you don’t mind. I have some concerns and want to ask someone who is familiar with the area.


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