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Celebrating With an Airplane and Ice Cream

I never told you this but the new WordPress theme of my blog is called Good News, today I am blogging the best news ever. I have put the official press release for you to read below and wanted to share my personal version as well. Thanks to John Grief Red Cross Donation containers are starting take off and fly country wide with Tropic Air. We launched the first two at the San Pedro Airport on Monday and my head is still in the clouds 🙂  I keep listening to the audio clip interview with John Grief by Maria Novelo Love TV. It makes me happy to hear how in favor he is for  helping the Belize Red Cross. Diane Campbell said ” Utterly fantastic! He could be on talk radio professionally” – I totally agree. Voice clip with pictures at the airport by Maria Novelo Love tv

San Pedro Sun and Ambergris today were both there as well snapping away. Red Cross donation boxes distributed across the island by San Pedro Sun.  Video clip coming soon from Manuel Media for Reef Radio and TV. It should be airing on tonight’s news Ch 20, waiting to find out what time and will post if I get an answer. Just in from Manuel Media on behalf of  Reef TV. For those who can watch the local news – We are shooting to go LIVE on Reef TV at 730pm. Your pieces have been edited and will be the first story on the newscast. It will rerun tomorrow at 9am and at 1 pm on channel 20.

Not only did the media session go well, I also gained a new lead thanks to John. As we were looking over my Red Cross binder and chatting, he mentioned that Boeing has been involved with the red Cross. This immediately caught my attention and as soon as I got home I started  researching to see what I could find. Interestingly enough here is what caught my eye Boeing retirees form a Shelter team –  Seattle Red Cross. Boeing to Contribute $1 Million to American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief – Boeing Media. Of course I have to ask 🙂 Any Seattle Red Cross or Boeing people out there or anyone connected to either? We are the ideal spot for the Boeing Seattle Retirees who are ready to fly south and have some fun in the sun with the Belize Red Cross.

After our fun was done at Tropic Air, we headed across the street to talk to Kimara Ackerley who authorized Scotia Bank Belize taking a donation container. After a very busy morning she was away on lunch and we ended up talking to Luis Gutierrez, Branch Manager. Luis gave us more good news, Scotia Bank is donating a Bank account to auction off at Legends Burger house San Pedro Branch, Belize Red Cross fundraiser. That’s not all he also talked about how Scotia Bank wants to get a program going for kids where they will get first aid kits and training and asked of the San Pedro Branch would be interested to team up – 🙂 me smiling some more. Big tacogirl blog  shout out to all the other business who are taking Donation Containers as well: Legends Burger House, Changes in Latitudes and La Isla Grocery store. All these businesses are continuously community mined and willing to help a good cause.

 belize airline
Red Cross Donation containers fly country wide with Tropic Air

Belize Red Cross has been very appreciative of the favorable response since the San Pedro Branch reopened, and would like to thank its members and the following businesses for their ongoing support: Tropic Air, Scotia Bank, Legends Burger House, Changes in Latitudes Bed and Breakfast, and La Isla grocery store. By agreeing to display donation boxes in their locations, these businesses are helping Belize Red Cross become more financially stable so that it can continue to maintain its core programs. It is important for the Belize Red Cross to maintain solid ground financially especially with another hurricane season almost upon us. Over the last 3 years the Belize Red Cross has increased their capacity to respond through volunteer recruitment and training and the implementation of disaster risk reduction programs. Through micro mitigation projects in 25 schools and 35 communities across Belize, the Red Cross has been able to increase their resilience and capacity to respond to the impacts of disasters. Belize Red Cross is proud to be able to include the San Pedro community, and your donations go a long way to achieving our goals. Other core programs that run year round include First Aide and community First Aid trainings, HIV & Aids Peer education, Psychosocial Support, feeding programs, social assistance to fire victims and the disadvantaged.

belize airport
Media session at Tropic Air
Red Cross donation containers
belize red cross
Mary, Emma and David all San Pedro Branch Red Cross volunteers
tropic airlines belize
John and I making the first donation
tropic airlines belize
belize news
belize airlines
tropic airlines
John and I looking at my Red Cross binder
belize airlines
Interviewing John Grief about Red Cross
tropic airlines
Interview with John Grief
legends burger house
Interview about Fundraiser at Legends Mar 25th 12 – 7
belize banks
san pedro sun
Interviewing Luis Gutierrez about getting involved
custard ice cream
Celebrating a great day with a blow up Airplane and DandE’s Ice cream

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