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Reef Radio TV Productions

Anyone else out there been following progress on OWN? It is not surprising to me that Oprah has her own personally initialized network now – she can pretty much do anything she wants and then some. What I found interesting about her new venture is the new competition show called Your Own Show – where 10 people are competing to see who has what it takes to win their own talk show.

Someone else that is making their mark and doing their OWN thing in the Belize tv world is our very own Reef Radio. The Reef Radio tv Production team consists of  Manager Eiden Salazar – Executive Producer Kainie Manuel –  Camera man Mauricio Mejia – Editing Mauricio Mejia and Kainie Manuel.  You will also see some familiar faces staring on Reef Radio tv programming such as Eiden Salazar – Karen Canul – David Marin – DJ Mauricio – Faith Noel – Nancy Nida – Kainie Manuel – Alex Ramos and more.

Reef Radio tv productions San Pedro BelizeComing soon, Coral Cable’s Channel 8 will now have local programming between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 12:00 midnight. Between these hours, viewers will be treated with locally produced and filmed shows. Reef Radio tv productions is aiming to have everything tied together to start showcasing their network on Monday, January 17th (at the latest the following Monday).

There are four shows that Reef Radio TV Productions is currently working on. The first show is the Good Morning San Pedro Show which will be amended to include human interest stories, boledo, lotto, horoscope, BEL 3, cooking segment, and other topics of interest while still keeping its serious note, with important interviews. The second show will premiere every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Overview: La Isla Bonita takes viewers into the life of Ambergris Caye, the food, the music, the resorts, the water sports, the real estate, and the night life. It is a six week series commencing on January 12th at 7:30 pm. The third show will be the Thursday Night Countdown. Overview: Everybody’s weekly countdown special goes visual bringing you your top 10 songs on music videos. Interactive and the audience gets a chance to participate. Call ins and prize giveaways. Our fourth show will be a Kid’s Show. Overview: Kids learn about the environment and their island while learning how to take care of it while going on adventures with their friends.

Previews –  photos and information updates can be seen on the Facebook fan page for Reef Radio TV Productions. Further information can also be found on Reef Radio TV Productions website.

Reef Radio tv productions San Pedro Belize

Reef Radio tv productions San Pedro Belize

Executive Producer: Kainie Manuel
Camera man: Mauricio Mejia
Editing: Mauricio Mejia, Kainie Manuel (read less)
Eiden Salazar, Karen Canul, David Marin, DJ Mauricio, Faith Noel, Nancy Nida, Kainie Manuel, Alex Ramos

4 thoughts on “Reef Radio TV Productions

  1. tacogirl says:

    Stop by Reed Radio and TV and ask Eiden if that is a possibility. You can still hear it on the radio though, I know that is what cab drivers and boys at the hanger often do.

  2. Angel says:

    Could this new show be the site for the radio novela for which I busted my a_ _ for two months? Also there were several young people including students who sacrificed a lot of time and energy in recording the radio novela and were disappointed. This last November was one year I turned in my script and nothing. Hope that this new production has more credibility than what I have encountered. Angel Nunez

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