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Treats around town and a perfumed chocolate meltdown

Been on a major junk food binge the past couple of days and since we were  on foot Marina’s and Super Buy south were the places Dick and I ended up shopping  at. Marina’s was my pick as I needed to get meat and scored butt bacon, chips an Oh Henry bar and flour tortillas. Super Buy was Dicks choice for junk food, as a result we both ended up buying Cracker Jack and are in agreement the prizes were much better when we were kids 🙂

Below are pictures a couple of places I recommend stopping at if you are snack or gift shopping in town. You can circle the block and hit all 3 easily starting with Belize Chocolate Company at the bottom of front street. Look for Greenhouse right by Reef Radio and TV  on middle street and further down on the same side of the street Rum Cigar store.

You will find 3 gourmet shops with a wide and very delicious variety of groceries and gift options. A few things to look for, Chocolate Body Oil, to many chocolate treats to list at the Belize Chocolate company, they also have t-shirts and sell fresh Cocoa  beans and powder. At Greenhouse you will find a wide selection of  fresh fruits  vegetables to frozen meats and seafood and so much more. For gifts they have, stylish reusable shopping bags,  Glorious Belize organic cold pressed coconut oil and large selection of Belizean made sauces and spices. And last but not least the Rum Cigar and Coffee House, be sure and get a sample of their chocolate rum and Campasino both are heavenly, you can even have a shot added to your fresh brewed coffee.

belize shopping

Now for perfumed chocolate meltdown part of the story. Now being done with junk food lol I asked Paul to stop at the old Orange store and get mini recess pieces on his way home last night.

Unfortunately that idea did not work out so well, I knew they were going to be slightly melted and I was ok with that. I was not counting on the fact that they had been sitting in too close contact with detergent and were now inedible due to a strong perfumed taste. I cannot remember ever getting perfume bombed at that store. We will let them know about the incident and hopefully they will remove the offensive chocolates.

This phenomenon does not happen often but I can easily find a handful people who it has happened to at one time or another. Tortilla chips are another one to watch out for. we have had it with meat and cereal as well. Nothing worse than opening food and finding out you got perfumed  🙁

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  1. Dr Al says:

    As a consequence of your ongoing issues/conflicts pertaining to healthy eating,,you are in need of one of your goofy cleanses. So the detergents may serve that purpose very much in the same fashion as a soap suds enema. Just sayin’

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