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Living in Belize

Early Morning Quiet Time and the Latest Bridge Pictures


The bridge is going to be finished any day now, and what an improvement. On the weekend, I asked Sue Blair owner of Coco Loco’s Beach Bar if she would not mind snapping a few pictures in case I did not make it back before they got finished.

Since tacoboy was letting us timeshare the cart from Pedro’s Hotel and we a couple of hours, I convinced Dick to go for an early morning ride. We hit the crock pond by Consolidated Water to enjoy the stillness and reflections, then we went to the bridge to check out the progress.  Afterwards we did pit stops at Harmouche Hardware,  Lino’s meats, got the cart gassed up and back 1/2h early.

Here is a link to the progress picture posted from last Friday on ambergriscaye.com message board with some funny comments and a link to a past bridge thread from 8 years back.

Hope you enjoy our Monday morning drive as much as we did.

south ambergris caye belize

Monday morning quiet time at the croc pond

ambergris caye belize

Driving north

ambergris caye island

Girls riding bikes

walter media from pedros hotel


north ambergris caye

Almost done

north ambergris caye belize

Small section left

belize bridge

Looks really nice

north ambergris caye

Ferry bringing a golf cart across


  1. tacogirl June 5, 2013

    You would have laughed on ferry, Cowboy and Leisa took it over last night for a visit to Banana. Wow that is a long rain. We got some and I do not mind it juts not crazy about the giant mud puddles afterwards.

  2. Brent - Helena, MT June 4, 2013

    that looks great. i wish we had been there to experience the ferry experience. that sounds kinda weird;) think we missed it by a week. hope all is well. the rain has stopped here, rained from when we got home from there – May 18th – until basically today… ready for some sun. hope you have received some rain. seemed like you needed it when we were there.


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