Travel Tuesday Taking our Mulligan at Caye Chapel

If you remember Paul’s birthday blog from last year Caye Chapel Golf taking a Mulligan,

And we set off like a herd of turtles on our way for our Caye Chapel golf day. We were doing ok then all of a sudden the waves got worse and the people at the back of the boat started getting a salt water bath, so we turned around and back to San Pedro.

We all agreed to take a mulligan and that we would have an even better time going back then the pool was finished. In a golf game, a mulligan happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action. The practice is also sometimes referred to as a do-over. It was a rough ride back and even though we were a bit disappointed that our golfing party did not work out it turned out to be a great day.

This year the Zoo crew decided while we were doing the overnight tour that we would make it back to Caye Chapel as an extended part of Paul’s Birthday. We decided to take Maya Island Air to Caye Chapel instead of a boat, flight cost was $155 bzd.  We were all excited for a plane ride and glad to be going to a new island for the day.

For those of you who might not know, Caye Chapel is a  par-72 golf course is the only full size golf course in Belize.  It’s location is  16 miles north-northeast of Belize City and 3 miles south of Caye Caulker. The island itself is is  265 acres,  or 2 miles long and  1/2 mile wide with the entire eastern shoreline being sandy beach and  the western side is the golf course.

Caye Chapel resort is officially closed but the golf course is open. A full day of golf including rental clubs, cart and all the golf you can play on your own private island course, as well as coolers and ice $150 bzd and must be paid in cash. Advance notice is required to play there. If you want to know more about golfing in Belize,  want a Maya Island Air flight discount to the island or to connect with Evan, email me at tacogirl belize[at]

Our 6 minute flight from Ambergris Caye to Caye Chapel went very smoothy. We flew on the east of Caye Caulker which I have never done before, and it put me on the right side of the plane for taking island air shots 🙂

As the plane landed the first thing I noticed was now nice and wide the runway was. I was later told by a few people that is the best runway in Belize and I have to agree.  The plane kept going till the end of the runway then turned off to the right parking area where Evan was waiting  meet us with  golf carts.

After our rock star experience of pulling into the parking lot with the plane. we hopped on our carts and headed towards the club house which was stunning inside. While Evan went to go pick up Phil and Marie who were taking the Caye Caulker Water Taxi, we lounged, explored and enjoyed our magnificent surroundings. It was not long before they returned. Evan got the golfers briefed and we all signed in, for those of us not golfing it cost $50 to spend the day on the island and it was worth every penny.

Next it was time to see the golfers off and get a few pics. The boys had their coolers loaded with Belikin,  were all excited and ready to golf. Who wouldn’t be excited at the thought golfing in Belize on a private island  where several holes  run along side the the most amazing sea views 🙂

It was high time for doing nothing and relaxing by the pool. Imagine the luxury of having your own private umbrella to sit under while you soak on a large shallow platform in the pool.

After a good bit of relaxing I could not resist a walk on the beach and some exploring and checking out the 8 beachfront villas. I never made it to see the 11 marina view casitas , I got too busy rock-hounding and looking at sea life 🙂

When I got back to the pool the boys were on lunch break. If you are planning a trip to Caye Chapel Island, you will  need to bring your own food and drink. Of course that was not a problem for the zoo crew, we turned up with 2 cases of Belikin beer that we raided from Pedro’s Hotel 🙂 a bottle of Crown Royal and packed enough food for a few days. It is like there is some unwritten rule between us that we must bring to much food on our road trips 🙂 Definitely better than not enough. It was the same when we did the night tour of the Belize zoo and golfing at Roaring River golf course in Belmopan – blog post coming on that Par 64 executive golf course.

Sadly it was time to fly home. The boys were having so much fun on the course, Evan had to go on a search and rescue as our plane had arrived. When they got back we could tell the ones who were drinking Crown as they had a sightly glazed look on their face and big grins.

The Zoo crew had a super funtastic time and Evan was the host with the most 🙂 I would go back there in a heartbeat and if I could have stayed longer I would have.

Maya Air made up for the heart ache of leaving though as they sent a private plane to get us and gave us one last ‘Rock Star moment’ before returning to our every day lives 🙂

Minor tech issue I am not sure why blog is adding all the extra space below each photo gallery. Will sort out soon. Light box is now fixed for slider option but tacoboy could not figure out why the next and back buttons will not show up. Clicking on an enlarged picture takes you to the next one.

Update due to BTL craziness lightbox is hit or miss and people in Belize have reported not being able to see pics unless they turn their VPN on (I have not turned mine off in a good 3 weeks or I would not be able to blog). Working to try and find fix to all issues. I hope BTL gets it together and fixed what ever they did to screw up everyone’s internet.

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  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Charlotte. We are all ready to go back there and yesterday when Andy and I were flying to the city for a meeting we got lucky and our Maya air plane landed there on the way.

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